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Dwayne Johnson Promises Black Adam Crossover With The Suicide Squad: ‘Because the fans want that’

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Dwayne Johnson is a man with a vision, and a man with a vision is not to be messed with. The Black Adam star has been enjoying all the applause for being a mediator/advocate for bringing Henry Cavill back into the MCU, as we can see from the confirmed Man of Steel 2 news.

But The Rock has only just begun his master plan of making sure that for however long of a time he stays in the DCEU, people remember his name. One of his latest plans for the franchise which has fallen from grace as of late is bringing numerous characters in the franchise to a point where they cross paths with Teth Adam.

Dwayne Johnson FandomWire
Dwayne Johnson

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Dwayne Johnson’s Plans Suicide Squad Crossover With Black Adam

Crossovers are honestly one of the best treats that major movie studios with long-running franchises can give to their loyal fans. I’m sure we’re all aware that we’re pretty much in the age of superhero movie crossovers already!

One of the most sneaky (and kinda creepy) crossovers happened when an out-of-focus Punisher appeared in Spider-Man 2. Another epic crossover occurred when Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark appeared in the post-credits scene for one of the earliest MCU movies, The Incredible Hulk.

Dwayne Johnson FandomWire
Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

The mentioned crossovers are just the tip of the iceberg which hides the multiple instances in which your favorite superheroes/villains have met in different movies. Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson is planning to add another number to the tally of crossovers in superhero movies, but the candidates aren’t exactly the good lads.

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The DCEU has been getting stale as of late, but the release of Black Adam has opened up new avenues…which we’ll let you figure out for yourselves when you finally decide to watch DCEU’s latest movie.

During an interview with EstoEs Combo on their YouTube channel, Dwayne Johnson would tease DC fans with some exciting information regarding possible crossovers between characters of the DCEU-

“In the DC Universe, they haven’t always listened to the fans in the past. Well, things are different. With Black Adam, things are different. So that’s why we can introduce the JSA. That’s why in Black Adam, Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Flash, they all coexist in our world. Black Adam’s not over here and the Joker’s over here and, you know, Justice League is over here. In our world, they all exist. Because ideally in my mind, it’s a little crazy, they all cross paths, because the fans want that. And there’s a good creative way that we could figure that out.“

The future of the DCEU looks much brighter ever since Dwayne Johnson came into the picture with the impending release of the Black Adam, and we couldn’t thank him enough.

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When Dwayne Johnson Says All DC Characters, He Means All Of Them

It would only make sense that a crossover between DC characters happens. In one of the earliest issues called World’s Finest Comics #88 in 1957, Superman and Batman team up to fight each other’s arch-rivals, Lex Luthor and the Joker.

Dwayne Johnson FandomWire
Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

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So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson is simply just naming all these characters for crossovers without second thoughts. But as his interview with EstoEs Combo tells us, he means all DC characters-

“They all cross paths. I love Superman. I love Superman, I have a passion for Superman, but I love Black Adam more. And I also know that Black Adam is blessed with the powers almost that of Superman that will make for a great collision one day. So again, Black Adam colliding with all of these characters in the DC Universe, we come to the table with that open mind. So if you said to me Suicide Squad, I say yes. Justice League, I say yes. You name them, you open up the book…”

Quite a bold statement, I must say. Including all these characters in the DCEU will be quite a hassle, but with DC Films president Walter Hamada gone things could go in a much more positive direction, and crossovers are definitely not off the table!

Black Adam is currently running in theaters.

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