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Dwayne Johnson Refocusing His Energies on $15M Franchise After Being Forced Out of DCU, Fast and Furious: “We’re building for the long haul”

Dwayne Johnson Refocusing His Energies on $15M Franchise After Being Forced Out of DCU, Fast and Furious: "We're building for the long haul"

Even actors got to have a backup plan up their sleeves to work accordingly in the chaos of Hollywood. Dwayne Johnson, the megastar known for various iconic roles throughout his Hollywood career also seems to be investing quite a lot of his money into American football by supporting the XFL League.

According to a report, after having beef with co-star Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson quit the multi-billion dollar The Fast and the Furious franchise. This led to the Jumanji actor finding other alternatives to earning money. One of these moves was investing $15 million in the XFL League.

Dwayne Johnson in and as Black Adam.
Dwayne Johnson in and as Black Adam.

Dwayne Johnson Invests $15 Million in the XFL

The XFL is not as big as the major leagues like the NFL and other major American football leagues. Before The Rock’s involvement, the XFL had been facing several losses for reasons unknown. The league had also been suspended in 2020 while suffering financial losses.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson.

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Being a football fan himself, it is reported that the Red Notice actor supported the XFL league during its rough time. Johnson reportedly invested a whopping $15 million to revive the league and gave some great guidelines on how to make the league better. The investment clearly showed its positive result since a whopping 38,000 people turned up at St. Louis to watch the XFL league.

After the massive turnout of people, Dwayne Johnson took to his Twitter account to thank the people for their support with a statement that read “Very humbling & honored to announce we officially set an XFL attendance record this past week in St. Louis”

This was a major upgrade for the league which previously saw a turnout of a maximum of 12 to 15,000 people during some of its previous games. The actor has not completely given up on Hollywood since he recently shared an adorable video of him meeting longtime friend Brendan Fraser at the Oscars 2023.

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Dwayne Johnson and Brendan Fraser’s Wholesome Reunion

Dwayne Johnson In The Mummy Returns
Dwayne Johnson In The Mummy Returns.

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The two actors met during the 2001 movie The Mummy Returns which also marked Dwayne Johnson’s debut in Hollywood. The actor was criticized for his acting skills but revealed that Brendanf Fraser was there to help him out through those troubling times.

“Very cool full circle moment here with my long time buddy Brendan Fraser and his sons. My very first film of my Hollywood career was THE MUMMY RETURNS, which Brendan was the star. Lots of critics and cynics betting against me at that time, but Brendan welcomed me with open arms and was very supportive.”

The actor further continued that he offered his heartiest congratulations to the veteran actor.

“I never forget kind people. Now years later, Brendan wins his Oscar for BEST ACTOR in “The Whale” and I went on to become famous for wearing a fanny pack.Congratulations, brother – enjoy your flowers”

Dwayne Johnson is currently busy working on the Christmas movie Red One along with Chris Evans and J.K. Simmons. The movie is currently slated for a release sometime during 2023.

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