“Rock Sees DC Like It’s Pro Wrestling”: Fans Are Done With Dwayne Johnson Repeatedly Claiming His Movie “Black Adam” Will Change DC Forever

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Wrestler turned actor Dwayne Johnson is in talks regarding his social media posts. The actor recently shared a video of him meeting with a young fanboy, and fans liked and appreciated the actor for that. But that is not the case for everything he shares on his Instagram. Dwayne Johnson has been using his social media to promote his upcoming film, The Black Adam.

Dwayne Johnson is optimistic about a crossover
Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

He has posted multiple videos and images sharing his excitement for the movie with his fans. He even challenged the other DCEU characters to beware of The Black Adam.

Dwayne Johnson recently shared another video on his Instagram in the same segment. Writing in the caption, “In 8 weeks. The hierarchy of the DC universe has changed.” The caption further read, ” Rage. Your magic is weak.”


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Fans’ Reaction to Dwayne Johnson’s Instagram Post

The fans, however, did not take Dwayne Johnson’s post as some sort of promotion tactic and started calling out the actor for overhyping the character and the movie.

Many started calling out the actor for making it so big and overhyping the movie. One user wrote, “Come on Rock, we all know it’s 9 weeks until Gotham Knights come out on various platforms. That’s when the DC Universe really changes.”


Many even took the post to Twitter to express their feelings about it.

Another user said that Black Adam is just a sub to Shazam and overhyping the character is just like giving the Riddler his own spin-off movie.


The comment said, ” I’m sorry. I love you Rock. I really do. But you’re overselling this Black Adam thing way too much. He’s a sub-par Shazam ‘Captain Marvel’ villain. This is like the Riddler getting his own spin movie.”

How was Black Adam Supposed to Enter DCEU?

Black Adam was supposed to make its DC debut in the film Shazam. But when the rock read the script, he asked the studio to give Black Adam its own origin story. The studio agreed with it and decided on a different movie for the character.

Dwayne Johnson and Aldis Hodge in Black Adam.
Dwayne Johnson and Aldis Hodge in Black Adam.

Many are now also saying that the actor did not want to be a side character Shazam, and that’s why he asked the studio to give his character another project.⁸


As for Dwayne Johnson, the story of Black Adam could not have been justified, if the character was introduced in Shazam. 

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Why Black Adam is Called an Anti-Hero?

Compared to other DC heroes, Black Adam, who is an anti-hero, believes in having justice at any cost. He does not hesitate to take on one if he is wrong, making him an anti-hero. As per his origin, Black Adam got the powers of Shazam for his good qualities but ended up creating havoc with them.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will play the role of Black Adam.
Black Adam

He killed his nephew and becomes the guardian of Kahndaq by taking defeating the dictator Asim Muhammad. People of Kahndaq start treating him like a God. All in all, Black Adam is a character who does right but in wrong ways. 

According to the actor, His journey from being a slave to a God could not have been portrayed in Shazam in a way it would be in his own film. 

Will Black Adam Really be the Turning Point for DC?

With the claims that Black Adam will be the turning point for DC, Dwayne Johnson has made it clear that movies will be different from past DC movies. The director of the film, Jaume Collet-Serra, even said that they came up with new technology for the movie. 


However, fans are still wondering if the new technology would help if the story of the plot of the movie is not complimentary. 

Dwayne Johnson's instagram post on Black Adam.
Dwayne Johnson

Now with all the hype, it would be disappointing if it does not stand up to the expectation. The trailer for the movie was released and it will be out in cinemas in October 2022. So we will have to wait to see what this film has in store for fans.

However, DC is already planning future projects with the character. The Black Adam is expected to appear against Shazam in the future and there is also speculation of a Superman vs Black Adam movie. 


The Black Adam is ready to release on October 21, 2022.

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