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Dwayne Johnson vs Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Bodybuilding Battle Results Will Surprise Many Fans: The Rock is Better than 7X Mr. Olympia?

Both Dwayne Johnson and Arnold Schwarzenegger boast Godly physiques and are celebrated by bodybuilding enthusiasts worldwide. While The Rock is hailed as one of the greatest wrestlers who had a huge contribution to popularizing WWE(formerly WWF), the Terminator fame is known for his innumerable bodybuilding achievements. Schwarzenegger enjoyed huge success in both bodybuilding as well as in Hollywood action flicks.

Dwayne Johnson and Arnold Schwarzenegger
Dwayne Johnson and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Dwayne Johnson who is currently one of the greatest Hollywood stars presently is often compared to other action stars. It can’t be denied that it won’t be even easy for him to beat the seven times Mr. Olympia winner but there’s a category where the Jumanji fame gets an extra point over the Predator star.

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How does Dwayne Johnson get an extra point over Arnold Schwarzenegger?

The Rock
Dwayne Johnson

Even after not exactly being in the same background, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, both share quite a similar journey. Both the actors came from a background where their physiques held massive importance and also made it big after entering Hollywood. But if their stats are compared, The Rock quite surprisingly had an advantage in a specific area.

If the statistics are observed then Dwayne Johnson‘s biceps are around 20 inches while his chest measures around 50 inches. Although they are impressive, the Terminator star will get the upper hand here as he possesses biceps of 22 inches with a chest measuring close to 58 inches. Although The Governator almost wins the bodybuilding battle over the Red Notice star, his thighs are 28.5 inches which lose in front of The Rock’s massive thighs of 31 inches.

It must also be remembered that both of the stars enjoyed quite different careers as Arnold Schwarzenegger was a full-fledged professional bodybuilder which is not the same as Dwayne Johnson’s WWF. Moreover, both of them achieved greater feats and made huge names in their respective careers. But looks like another professional bodybuilder also has a take on this unique battle.

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What does Jay Cutler have to say on Arnold Schwarzenegger vs Dwayne Johnson?

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

The 49-year-old Jay Cutler is also a significant name in the area of bodybuilding. The four times Mr. Olympia winner spoke highly of the True Lies star in his podcast and discussed how his influence on the world of bodybuilding has been huge.

Interestingly, Jay Cutler also had his remarks on the Dwayne Johnson vs Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding battle.

“I hate to compare, but Dwayne Johnson a couple of years ago when he was the action guy, Arnold was bigger than that.”

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Later in the podcast, Jay Cutler continued to celebrate the feats and influence of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The retired wrestler also revealed that the 75-year-old actor has set high bars for all the upcoming generations and will always be an unforgettable name in the sport.

Source: Healthy Celeb / Cutler Cast 

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