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Dwayne Johnson Wants to “Sneak into MCU now that DC doors are closed’ After Wishing James Gunn Well for a DCU Without Black Adam?

Dwayne Johnson Wants to “Sneak into MCU now that DC doors are closed’ After Wishing James Gunn Well for a DCU Without Black Adam?

DCU has been a mess over these past few years. With James Gunn taking charge of the DCU just as Dwayne Johnson was about to take over with Black Adam, things are a bit complicated right now. Before the change of hierarchy, it was rumored that Dwayne Johnson would lead DC Studios further with Black Adam being the central character of the universe.

After what seems to be a tumultuous time, there are reports of The Rock planning to join Marvel in the MCU and leaving DC behind in the hands of James Gunn and Peter Safran. If this move proves to be true, the DCU may lose its Black Adam much like it lost its Superman.

Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam (2022).
Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam (2022).

Will Dwayne Johnson Join The MCU And Leave Black Adam Behind?

With reports of turmoil amidst the newly formed DCU, the Jumanji star recently gave some shocking news to the world. Talking about his recent flick, the actor gave some blunt truths about the future of DCU and how Black Adam’s legacy will continue like dying embers in future projects.

James Gunn and Dwayne Johnson had a talk about Black Adam.
James Gunn and Dwayne Johnson had a talk about Black Adam.

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Taking to Twitter, Dwayne Johnson shared a photo regarding an update for the character of Teth Adam. With 15 years of hard work and dedication, The Rock regrettably announced that Black Adam will not be a part of the first chapter of DCU’s newest lineup.

In the tweet, it can be clearly seen that Dwayne Johnson wrote that “It’s no different now, and I will always root for DC (and Marvel) to win and WIN BIG”. The line gave way to allegations and rumors that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson could potentially team up with Marvel and join the MCU after DC closed its doors on the actor.

Although there has been no reply from Marvel regarding The Rock’s statements, DC will have a hard time dealing with the loss of multiple actors all at once. With Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, and Ben Affleck allegedly walking out of DC, James Gunn and Peter Safran will have to create an all-new Justice League that might compare to Marvel’s Avengers in the future.

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Dwayne Johnson Shares A Heartfelt Message After An Accident

Dwayne Johnson with mother Ata Johnson
Dwayne Johnson with his mother Ata Johnson.

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Following a terrible accident wherein Ata Johnson crashed her car at 3:00 in the morning in Los Angeles, she was uninjured. Being the mother of Dwayne Johnson and 74 years of age, The Rock felt the need to share a heartfelt note on his Instagram to remind people about the mortality of their lives.

“Thank you, God, she’s fine.” Angels of mercy watched over my mom as she was in a car crash late last night. She’ll survive and continue to be evaluated. This woman has survived lung cancer, a tough marriage, a head-on collision with a drunk driver, and an attempted suicide. “She’s a survivor, in ways that make angels and miracles real.”

Johnson wished the people safe driving and told them to be near their parents since the world is uncertain. With a number of upcoming movies to his name, Dwayne Johnson will surely be seen on the big screens sometime soon. Just not as DC’s Black Adam.

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