Dwayne Johnson, Who Reportedly Doesn’t Have Much Time Left In WWE, Will Benefit More If Another Wrestler Is His Rival Instead Of Roman Reigns

With Dwayne Johnson's WWE days becoming things of the past soon, his opponent might be another legendary star in the future.

Dwayne Johnson, Who Reportedly Doesn't Have Much Time Left In WWE, Will Benefit More If Another Wrestler Is His Rival Instead Of Roman Reigns


  • Dwayne Johnson made his first appearance in years on 'Monday Night RAW' past Monday.
  • The fans are now expecting the age-old Familial Feud between him and Roman Reigns to happen at 'WrestleMania'.
  • But seeing that The Rock's wrestling days are numbered, WWE might just make him fight CM Punk instead.
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Before we all knew him as the biggest and one of the most commercially successful film stars of all time, Dwayne Johnson went by the name, of The Rock in the WWF, which today is called WWE. In the professional wrestling scene yet again, he was one of the biggest names during the company’s Attitude Era of stars and match-ups.

Dwayne Johnson on Monday Night Raw in the past
Dwayne Johnson as The Rock on Monday Night Raw in the past

And even after leaving his wrestling days behind, the star still makes appearances on Monday Night RAW and SmackDown occasionally, one of which happens to be recently. People were beyond excited to see The Rock make his return to the ring, with anticipation of a match-up between him and Roman Reigns.

But seeing as his days in the business are numbered, the company may just allocate CM Punk to be his next, and probably final opponent.


Former WCW Superstar Dutch Mantell Says Dwayne Johnson Doesn’t Have Much Time Left In The WWE

Dwayne Johnson and Roman Reigns
Dwayne Johnson and Roman Reigns from Monday Night RAW

As the opening week for WWE commenced on Monday this month, fans were shell-shocked to witness the return of Dwayne Johnson, a.k.a. The Rock to the ring, where he flattened former champion Jinder Mahal with his signature The People’s Elbow. Then, he went to make a startling comment that got the fans excited to no end.

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As he graced the WWE universe with his presence, the star went on to say that he was going out to dinner and would love to sit at the head of the table. The Head of the Table is the nickname held by the current WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, who also happens to be the star’s cousin. This has sparked the age-old Familial Feud match-up that has been in rumors for years.


But whatever the company decides to do, it has to do fast, since the Moana star’s wrestling days may be coming to an end. In a recent episode of the SmackTalk podcast, former WCW Superstar Dutch Mantell pointed this out, saying:

“They have a lot of doors open to them, and they can go through any one of them and not lose another door. I do think that The Rock, it is getting a little late for him. if he’s got to do something, I think he’s got to do it this year, and I think it’s got to be WrestleMania. And what they do there, I don’t know. That’s up to them. I will actually be interested in seeing that match just to see what kind of finish they’d have.”

Therefore, seeing as this can probably be Johnson’s last appearance as his wrestling persona, the WWE may just shift the match-up to another legend of the industry who just made his comeback as well.

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CM Punk May Face The Rock At WrestleMania 40

CM Punk on Monday Night RAW
CM Punk on Monday Night RAW

The new year has brought a lot of surprises for the WWE Universe, the first being the return of The Rock, and the second one being the much-awaited return of CM Punk to the ring at the WWE Survivor Series back in November 2023.

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As both these stars have decided to step back in the business again, along with the company having open doors for The Rock’s future matches, both of these stars may likely become the main event for the upcoming WrestleMania 40, where a legend is pinned against another legend in a match for the ages.


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