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E3 2024 Already Seems Dead in the Water


For many in the gaming industry, the E3 conference is something of legend, as it used to be one of the largest gaming expos around. Numerous developers, publishers, and manufacturers would attend E3 during its yearly arrival in LA, but due to unfortunate circumstances over the past three years, the event has had some difficulties.

It was cancelled back in 2021, then was hosted online in 2022, and sadly cancelled again in 2023 due to lack of publishers. Now it seems E3 2024 will also be cancelled, which continues to cause a loss of hope for those who wish to see the great expo return.

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Why Will E3 Be Cancelled Next Year?

E3 2024 Already Seems Dead In The Water
E3 will unfortunately be cancelled in 2024.

When it comes to E3, there are a lot of different circumstances that need to fall into place so the event can run smoothly and draw attention from the gaming community. But so far those pieces haven’t been falling into place for E3 2024, as Reedpop, who was assisting in creating a new format for the expo, begun to hit hurdles regarding the event’s future  

Reedpop is the owner of events such as EGX and PAX. The company signed a multi-year deal to organize E3, which was set to start this year. However, due to many of the developers and publishers already agreeing to deals with Summer Game Fest or through their own devices, there was not enough for E3 to work, which ultimately left them with no choice but to cancel.

Due to this decision, it has also been reported that Reedpop has backed out of its deal to assist in creating a new format for E3. This has left E3 in an unfortunate position as the ESA, who are the owners of E3, have also reported they will no longer be hosting E3 in its long-standing home of the Los Angeles Convention Centre. E3 also won’t be appearing there in 2024 either, which has left the event in a rather tricky position.

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Will We Ever See A Return For E3 In The Future?

E3 2024 Already Seems Dead In The Water
E3 may not be held at it’s usual venue in the future.

Currently, there are no concrete plans for E3 to make a surprise return in 2024, but never say never. At the moment, it has been reported that the ESA is looking to bring E3 back in 2025 with a “complete reinvention” of the expo, which is a positive sign for the long-standing event. Nevertheless, this could all change as many developers may choose to stick with doing their reveals internally or go with Summer Game Fest instead.

For now, there is no way to know what will happen with E3, but it was sorely missed this year by many gamers. Hopefully, it can make its triumphant return in 2025 with a whole new format. For now, with the loss of Reedpop and the lack of developers and publishers, it is going to be quite a challenge for E3 to climb its way back into the spotlight, especially after missing two years on the run.

What do you think about this news regarding E3 and its potential ruin? Are you looking forward to a return of E3, or are you happy with the game expos already around? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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