EA Sports FC 24 Sales Drop 30% Compared to FIFA 23’s Release

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EA Sports FC 24 has been making waves with its popularity and a slight change in branding by EA. However, even with the big moves, the game has managed to drop a staggering 30% in sales compared to FIFA 23’s release. 


According to Chris Dring, the Head of GamesIndustry, EA Sports FC 24 has overtaken Hogwarts Legacy’s physical copy sales, just a little behind The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. This is a surprising number, considering how much more than the previous entry, FIFA 23, managed to sell.


What Do These Numbers Tell Us About EA Sports FC 24?

EA Sports FC 24 sells more on Nintendo Switch
EA Sports FC 24 sales on Switch are a welcomed surprise for Nintendo fans.

Based on Dring’s speculation:

Physical launch sales of EA Sports FC in the UK are down 30% over last year’s FIFA 23. EA had expected some short-term impact as a result of the rebrand. In terms of physical versions… UK launch sales of EA Sports FC on Switch are up (slightly) compared to the launch of FIFA 23. It’s the only platform that has posted a sales improvement year-on-year.

EA Sports FC’s physical launch in the UK is the second highest of the year, behind Zelda but ahead of Hogwarts Legacy.

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It’s important to note that the Nintendo Switch version of the game is making its own record with physical sales, as compared to the FIFA 23 variant. In retrospect, EA got rid of the ‘legacy’ edition from Switch, giving Nintendo players a brand new game to play instead of ‘upgrades’ from previous games.


EA Sports FC 24 – New Name, New Game?

EA Sports FC 24 inclusivity
EA Sports FC 24 is more inclusive, thanks to a new mode.

Much of the sales record can be linked to how the game is being marketed going forward. Up til now, the game’s three-decade-old legacy carried by the title FIFA broke records without batting an eye. However, ever since the recent name change, there’s a sense of openness that brings new (and old) players from different backgrounds.

While sudden branding can be a big-risk move for most franchises, EA’s decision to be more inclusive and create a canvas for larger-than-life experiences can be a great move, despite the slow sales at the moment. For instance, EA Sports FC 24 draws in women as part of its Ultimate Team mode, giving players to be a part of teams with mixed genders.

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In this mode, the top women’s leagues from France, Spain, Germany, England, and the US have been added. This builds greater chemistry between players and brings newer players to the scene. This is a minor improvement that speaks louder than years’ worth of much-needed inclusivity.

What do you think of the slow launch of EA Sports FC 24, despite the change in branding? Let us know in the comments. 

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