EA Sports UFC 5 Is Headed to Xbox Series X/S and PS5 in October 

Electronic Arts and UFC have officially announced that EA Sports UFC 5 is set to launch on October 27, 2023, for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. This installment in the popular MMA fighting game series is particularly exciting as it will be the first to harness the power of EA’s renowned Frostbite engine, promising a new level of realism and immersion for players.

New features introduced in EA Sports UFC 5

EA Sports UFC 5
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Get ready, for a gaming experience with the release of EA Sports UFC 5! This anticipated game marks the first in the series to be developed on the EA’s Frostbite engine. What sets it apart is its groundbreaking “Real Impact System,” a feature that tracks and displays damage, to fighters faces and bodies during battles.

That’s not all there is to look to! The game also introduces a career mode, an adrenaline pumping online multiplayer mode and an impressive lineup of legendary fighters. So make sure you mark your calendar because this will be a chance to step into the Octagon like never before!

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Real Impact System: Let’s start by discussing what sets this game apart. EA Sports UFC 5 is taking it to the level, with their Real Impact System.” Now I understand that might sound a bit technical. Here’s the thing – this system accurately reflects the damage your fighters endure in the authentic manner. You’ll see their faces and bodies bear the marks of those punches and kicks and trust me it’s truly mind blowing.

Create Your Ultimate Fighter: But wait, there’s more! EA Sports UFC 5 is giving you the chance to live the dream in a brand-new career mode. You get to create your very own fighter and guide them through the ranks of the UFC. That means you’ll be making decisions that shape their destiny – from training routines to financial moves and career-altering choices. It’s like your own MMA epic!

Battle It Out Online with Friends and Foes: Now, if you’re all about that adrenaline rush from real-time battles, get ready to dive into the new online multiplayer mode. You’ll be squaring off against players from around the globe. Whether you’re in it for the glory of ranked matches or just want a casual showdown, this mode’s got something for everyone.

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Cover Stars and Deluxe Edition Bonuses

Can you believe who they chose for the game cover? It’s none other than Israel Adesanya, the champion of UFC, Alexander Volkanovski, the featherweight champ and Valentina Shevchenko, a former flyweight champ.

That’s not all! If you’re up for an experience and opt for the Deluxe Edition you’ll have the privilege to start playing three days than others starting from October 24. On top of that you’ll also unlock fighters, like Fedor Emelianenko, Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson for some epic showdowns.

Secure Your Copy with a Pre-order

Now, here’s the best part – you can secure your copy of EA Sports UFC 5 with a pre-order right now. The standard edition is priced at $59.99, and the deluxe edition, with early access and all those awesome bonus fighters, is just $79.99.

EA Sports UFC 5 is shaping up to be an absolute game-changer in the world of MMA gaming. With its jaw-dropping Real Impact System, immersive career mode, and heart-pounding online multiplayer, this one’s going to be a knockout hit. So get ready to step into the virtual Octagon and unleash your inner fighter. It’s going to be a wild ride!

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