Earth Land Marks and Easter Eggs in Starfield- Easy Guide to Unlock the London, Cairo and NASA Landmarks

Earth Land Marks and Easter Eggs in Starfield- Easy Guide to Unlock the London, Cairo and NASA Landmarks

Bethesda’s space-faring RPG Starfield is set in the Settled Systems in the year 2330. The Earth became uninhabitable and technology has now advanced to help humanity thrive in interstellar civilizations. Players can visit the Earth and although there is nothing more than endless caves and craters, players can find remains of past civilizations that once called Earth home.

How to Unlock Earth Landmarks in Starfield

Starfield is set in Settled Systems

It is not relatively easy to locate and unlock Earth’s landmarks just like landing and walking on the planet in Starfield. It would take players plenty of time if they went on to just walk around and try to find these landmarks. Players will need to find unique prompts that will unlock new landing sites on the map of the earth and these will be connected to books and literary works in the larger settlements within the game.

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The Shard (London Landmark)

London Landmark

London Landmark in Starfield can be unlocked with the book Oliver Twist which players can buy from Sinclair’s Books in the city of Akila. It is also possible that you will have to find other books related to London or England. With this, the London landing site will be unlocked where players can land and find whatever is left of the Shard reaching up to an empty sky. Players will also find the London snow globe on a rock close to the base of the once-iconic tower.

The Pyramids (Cairo Landmark)

Cairo Landmark

To unlock the Cairo landmark, players will need to locate a copy of The Ancient Civilization of Egypt, which again can be bought from Sinclair’s Books in the city of Akila. This will add a new activity to players’ mission list and they will be able to land at the Cairo site on planet Earth. Players will find the remains of two pyramids and also the Cairo snow globe, which is on a slab of rock near the base of the furthest pyramid.

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NASA Launch Tower Landmark (Story Related)

Nasa Launch Tower Landmark

Players will be able to visit the NASA Launch Tower that is located in Cape Canaveral in the Unearthed main story mission which revolves around collecting mysterious artifacts. Though it is arguable if this is an Earth landmark in the game, however, players can find the NASA snow globe on one of the desks not long after they go to the upper levels of the facility.

Starfield is full of Earth landmarks that are yet to be discovered and is swamped with Easter eggs. As players progress further they can expect to come across more such landmarks. Starfield is now available on Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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