Ed Boon Claps Back at Ungrateful and Complaining Mortal Kombat 1 Fan

An unexpected Fatality from the man himself.

Ed Boon Claps Back at Ungrateful and Complaining Mortal Kombat 1 Fan


  • Ed Boon announced the latest added feature to the game.
  • A frustrated fan voiced their opinion, and quickly got humbled.
  • Mortal Kombat 1 will receive cross-play in February 2024.
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In a Twitter thread that hardly counts as a conversation, Ed Boon, the creative director behind Mortal Kombat 1 seems to have humbled a raging fan. This happened when Boon informed the playerbase about an upcoming feature for the game, as part of a quality-of-life update. In response, a fan expressed their disapproval, which wasn’t taken too lightly.

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The upcoming update initially started as an idea where Ed Boon, through a Twitter poll, asked the community about which feature they’d like to see the most in the upcoming updates. The community voted, and the results mostly catered towards the implementation of cross-over in the game.


Ed Boon Asks a Rhetorical Question as Part of the Humbling Experience

Mortal Kombat 1
Cross-play is certainly coming to the game, but next year. In the meantime, there are other updates to improve quality-of-life.

In the tweet, Ed Boon told the community that the devs will soon be bringing the wifi-ping-decline feature in an update. This should be found in the game now, as the update arrived on 14th December. 


However, a fan by the Twitter handle @FawOCE remarked how fans aren’t getting the most voted feature first, as they should according to a poll conducted by Ed Boon earlier.

To this, Ed Boon had a passive-aggressive response, in a sort of rhetorical way:


As humbling as this response may be, it’s certainly true that cross-over is a difficult feature to implement, even though it’s a commonly expected one. 


The reason why it’s so complicated can be explained by an article written and researched by Vintage is The New Old:

For a cross-platform game to work it would need to be hosted on one or the other’s hardware and that would incur extra cost which they presumably would desire compensation for.

For cross-platform to properly work, the studio will have to work on different kinds of legalities, platform complexities, and more. This obviously takes time, and regardless of fans being as eager as they seem to be, half-baked quality content or updates only hurt the game in the long run. 


What Can Players Expect from Future Updates in Mortal Kombat 1?

Mortal Kombat characters
The diverse roster of characters in Mortal Kombat 1 will receive more in coming updates, as part of the Kombat Pack.

In a recent livestream that showcased the returning character, Quan Chi, devs spoke about Mortal Kombat 1’s updates which would certainly feature cross-play. NetherRealm Studios will bring the much-awaited feature sometime in February next year.

This will allow players across different platforms to finally play against each other on multiple platforms. Furthermore, Tyler Lansdown (the game’s Community Manager) claimed that many more features are being worked on which will bring welcome changes to the existing state of Mortal Kombat 1. This also includes changes being made to characters like Sonya Blade, Kung Lao, and Kano.


The livestream otherwise showcased the deadly returning character, Quan Chi. As part of the Kombat Pack for the game, Quan Chi will make an appearance among other fighters in future updates. Players can also expect to witness the likes of The Homelander and Peacemaker in future updates, marking the presence of more infamous characters from various sources of origin across comic books and TV Shows.

Previously, Omni-Man made his way to the game and subtly obliterated anything or anyone who went against him. Quite literally. Apparently, fans found a way to spam his combos and a lot of them were simply part of his moveset. This raises the question of whether upcoming characters will be as powerful or broken, or a bit more balanced when going against other members of the Mortal Kombat 1 roster. We’ll have to wait and watch.


In the meantime, there will be more gameplay fixes and features coming to the game, along with the much anticipated cross-play function. And, of course, a familiar face from older games as part of the Kombat Pack.

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