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Edy Hardjo Documents The Hilarious Secret Life Of Superhero Toys


Edy Hardjo is a photographer by profession. However, he’s not known for his scenic or portrait captures. He likes to capture the funny side of superheroes by being at his creative best. His playful and expertly-executed photos prove that superhero action figures aren’t just for kids.

By using some detailed and high-quality action figures, Edy Hardjo who is the man behind the lens for the project has put some of our favorite superheroes into hilarious and sometimes compromising positions.

After putting the figures into their picture-perfect poses, Hardjo eliminates the stands he uses to prop them and some of the more prominent joints with Photoshop to make the figures look life-like. The results are hilarious and often slightly disturbing. For someone who picked up photography as just a hobby, Edy Hardjo does some phenomenal work.

In an interview with Shutterbug, Hardjo explained “I use my daily experience as a source of ideas… All I do is replace the ‘usual’ thing with the ‘unusual.’”

Check out some of his best work:

Seems like they forgot the unspoken rules…

“Can we sit with you?”

Now we know who gave Thor a haircut in Ragnarok

Some privacy boys?

The lesser-known fear of all the greatest superheroes

One man even the Batman fears…

Grooming essentials with Bruce Banner


Are we at a strip club?

Hulk and Wolverine’s fights are always iconic, even in Edy Hardjo’s toy world

A new romance cooking?

Who needs a burner when you live with Johnny Blaze

What on earth is going on here…

Who do you think is reaching first?

Poor Hulk who rips his pants apart every time has learned a new skill

Only if Captain America: Civil War was this level of non-violent

Stairs are not the only old enemies of Hulk. Candy Jars Too

What did Johnny Blaze have for Dinner last night?

Your friendly neighborhood laundry service by Spider-Man

Source: Bored Panda

Written by Muneer

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