Eiichiro Oda Plans to Revive 2 Characters Too Weak to be Leaders of the ‘Worst Generation’, Give Them a Major Power Upgrade That Could Rival Luffy: One Piece Theory

Kidd and Law are not to be underestimated as they are silently building their powers in One Piece.

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  • Kidd and Law have been facing defeats in One Piece but they are not done yet.
  • Both of them are constantly improving and will become much stronger later.
  • The fact that their bounties are similar to Luffy's explains how dangerous they are.
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After the Worst Generation emerged from the ashes of the War at Marineford, it was soon proved that some of them were ahead of the rest. Eiichiro Oda has constantly hyped some of the captains while the others are barely mentioned in One Piece.


Fans have been underestimating some of these characters due to Luffy’s recent conquests. But it’s high time that you are freed of Oda’s nerfing tactics and open your eyes to the truth.

Don’t Underestimate Kidd and Law in One Piece

Shanks Destroys Eustass Kid | Viz Media
Shanks Destroys Eustass Kid | Viz Media
Spoiler Alert !!!
One Piece spoilers ahead

Kidd and Law are two characters whose importance is often forgotten by One Piece fans. These two captains and their crews have achieved incredible feats of strength. Chapter 1079 of One Piece claimed


The Kidd Pirates, spearheaded by the 3 billion berry bounty man, Eustass Captain Kidd, were utterly destroyed.

This led many people to underestimate Kidd but that would be a fatal flaw. Both Kidd and Law are growing at their own rate, but are just not as strong as a Yonko yet. In fact, if you believe that Kidd and Law are over, you clarly never paid heed to Shank’s words.

In the same chapter, Shanks warns his crew not to underestimate Kidd and the youngsters’ growth. If anyone knows the strengths of the Worst Generation, it would be Shanks.

In fact, Kid put up a brave fight against his opponents. Even Shanks was forced to admit that what Kidd pulled was quite a feat. The fact that Kidd managed to escape alive itself says everything there is to know about the hot-blooded pirate.

Shanks warning others about Kidd One Piece by Eiichiro Oda
Shanks warning others about Kidd | One Piece Viz Media

Law is also equally downplayed by Oda severely. The latest bout of Law was against Blackbeard, who is already being set up to become a main antagonist just like Imu. Despite his best efforts, Law lost and was subjected to taunts.

But escaping Blackbeard also shows Law’s potential for improvement and the next time he faces the villain, the outcome might be completely different.

Eiichiro Oda is Hiding the Potential of Kid and Law

If you think Law and Kidd are leagues behind Luffy then you are in need of a rude awakening. Eiichiro Oda has been simply downplaying them to give them bigger roles later as they reveal how much they have grown. The very first hint to this trick is their bounties.

Trafalgar Law in One Piece
Trafalgar Law in One Piece | Toei

Law, Kidd, and Luffy all have the same 3 million bounty on their heads. Of course, bountiescan sometimes be wrong, just like the case of Buggy but most of the times they are not. The bounties are based on the World Government’s assumption of their strength and the danger they pose, and most of the time, they aren’t wrong.

A theory states that Law and Kidd are just being reserved for later battles. Just because their training is not being aired, does not mean they aren’t improving every moment. After every battle, the One Piece youngsters come out stronger and such is the case with these two as well.

When Luffy eventually faces Imu and the whole of the World Government, Law and Kidd are sure to be extremely important allies who will demolish fleets of ships by themselves.


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