Eiichiro Oda Might Turn Joyboy into One Piece’s Most Dangerous Villain

Latest One Piee chapter reveals Vegapunk claiming that he does not know if Joy Boy is good or bad.

One Piece


  • Latest spoilers for chapter 1116 of One Piece show Vegapunk explaining that Joy Boy wanted to pass on the Ancient Weapons.
  • Thus the scientist does not know if he is really on the good or bad side.
  • A theory claims that the original Joy Boy could be Imu and this the final villain of One Piece.
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Vegapunk has been exposing the World Government left and right in his worldwide announcements. While he has talked about some predictable things in One Piece so far, the latest bit of information Eiichiro Oda revealed could be a devastating blow for everyone.


The spoilers for chapter 1116 of One Piece are out, and they are enough to shake up even the most hardcore conspiracy theorists.

Eiichiro Oda Might be Setting up Joy Boy to be One Piece‘s Biggest Villain

Sun God Nika in One Piece by Eiichiro Oda
Sun God Nika in One Piece | Toei

In chapter 1116 of One Piece, Vegapunk revealed that a fraction of his Mother Flame was stolen to launch an Ancient Weapon on the Lulusia kingdom. He does not know who stole it, but the world is once again at risk of massive flooding.


He then reveals that Joy Boy had planned to pass down the three Ancient Weapons to the next generations, but he doesn’t know why JoyBoy would want to do such a thing. Thus, he cannot judge which side is good or bad.

Next, the crazy genius warns that good and evil will differentiate themselves one day. But that is the day when the world stands at risk of another flood.

Eiichiro Oda built up Joy Boy as the ultimate savior/martyr for 1000+ chapters. But now, suddenly Joy Boy’s intentions are under scrutiny. Surely, a great leader would never want to pass on deadly weapons of mass destruction to his future generations? This presents a possibility that Joy Boy could secretly be the villain everyone should unite against.

Imu Destorys Lulusia Kingdom
Imu Destorys Lulusia Kingdom | Viz Media

The best twists are the ones that no one saw coming but still make perfect sense, and Eiichiro Oda is a master of those. If Joy Boy is indeed a villain, then he could be the final antagonist of One Piece. But all of this depends on his real identity, and a theory has attempted to discover it, too.

Who is the First Joy Boy in One Piece?

Imu One Piece | Toei
Imu One Piece | Toei

No one knows who Joy Boy is for sure. His name went down in history for possessing the Sun God Nika Devil Fruit and for his rebellion during a dark age. The only person who has been alive for so long is Imu, the current villain of the series. Unfortunately for fans, he has only had one dialogue so far, which is: “…”.

A theory that intends to uncover the real identity of Joy Boy, claims that Imu is the original Joy Boy. The theory states that while Joy Boy could have been a good individual in the beginning, he was corrupted once he possessed enough power. He could have wished to rule over the world, but since the Devil Fruit Nika has sentience, it left him.


However, it was too late as Joy Boy (Imu) had already become unstoppable. Hito Hito no Mi waited for centuries to find another user who would be deserving of the power and found Luffy.

One Piece itself presents enough proof for this theory to work. The giant straw hat at Mary Geoise could belong to Imu. It might be an old hat that he wore during a giant transformation.

Joyboy's Straw hat
Joyboy’s Straw hat | Viz Media

What if Imu started out just like Luffy but then changed after seeing the reality and cruelness of the world? If the theory turns out to be true, Oda might cause several heart attacks in the span of a chapter.


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