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Eiza Gonzalez Rumored To Join Disney+ Daredevil Series As Elektra, Will Replace Elodie Yung

In the recent queue announced for SDCC 2022, Eiza Gonzalez is confirmed to star in the upcoming Disney+ Daredevil series alongside Charlie Cox. The 32-year-old Mexican actress previously made news starring with Rosamund Pike in the 2020 comedy thriller, I Care A Lot. As Marvel and Disney+ gears up for the resurrection of the Man Without Fear, Eiza Gonzalez is now rumored to bring back the beloved character of Elektra in series season 4.

Eiza Gonzalez
Eiza Gonzalez

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Eiza Gonzalez-Jason Momoa Relationship History

The actress recently appeared in news streams for her relationship drama with Game of Thrones veteran, Jason Momoa. The pair were never officially recorded while they were reportedly dating, although Momoa was spotted arriving at the premiere Eiza Gonzalez’s latest movie, Ambulance in April. However, by May 2022, news confirmations surfaced of the pair exclusively dating having met through “work and mutual connections”.

Eiza Gonzalez and Jason Momoa split up after 4 months of dating
Eiza Gonzalez and Jason Momoa split up after 4 months of dating

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According to People, the couple met in February and kept their relationship very private. But, unfortunately, as June rolled in, the pair went their separate ways. A source close to the actors revealed that “they’re just very different people” while another explained, “they are in different life stages.”

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Disney+ Resurrection of Man Without Fear

Netflix’s 3-season production of Marvel’s Daredevil was a sight to behold. It was ruthlessly direct, didn’t shy away from bloodied tales of doom and gloom, and went beyond fan expectations when it came to casting choices. Charlie Cox’s rendition of the blind lawyer by day and vigilante by night made the unpopular character rise the ranks to become one of the best series to come out of the Marvel-Netflix collaboration.

Elodie Yung as Elektra
Elodie Yung as Elektra

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With that contract now dusted and done with, Disney+ now picks up where Netflix left off. However, as Marvel’s Defenders finale played off Daredevil’s death by resurrecting him with an impossible turn of luck, it seems series writers want to perform a third resurrection with Elektra Natchios’s return to Season 4 of the Disney+ reboot.

SDCC 2022's The Mod Queue List
SDCC 2022’s The Mod Queue List

As announced by this year’s San Diego Comic Con’s The Mod Queue, Eiza Gonzalez is allegedly set to take Elodie Yung’s place in the series as the love interest of the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen.

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