Elden Ring DLC Theory Reveals Deadly Origins of the Erdtree: Is That Why Messmer Will Never Forgive Marika?

Fans now debate whether the Erdtree was formed on the corpses of many, and how does it relate to Messmer the Impaler.

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  • FromSoftware recently released a story trailer for Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.
  • Fans are speculating the Erdtree is made from the corpses of many killed crucible entities.
  • It is also predicted how Messmer the Impaler was sealed away in the Land of Shadow by Queen Marika/
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The recent story trailer released for Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC has got every single fan puzzled, as instead of answering them, it has left many questions unsolved. Furthermore, amongst the many theories that have risen during this period, one of them might finally clear up where exactly does the Erdtree originates from, and why Messmer is hostile towards Queen Marika.

A still from the Shadow of the Erdtree Gameplay Trailer
A still from the Shadow of the Erdtree Gameplay Trailer

The origins of the Erdtree have been particularly shrouded by mystery till date, with many predictions often surfacing ever since the game’s release back in 2022. However, a sequence from the previously stated trailer might finally reveal how the great tree came to be.

How The Story Trailer for Elden Ring’s DLC Finally Gives An Insight To The Erdtree’s Origins

Key Art for the Elden Ring DLC
Key Art for the Elden Ring DLC

Released on May 21st, the very first sequence of Shadow of the Erdtree’s story trailer shows who seems to be none other than Queen Marika herself, extracting strands of gold from a dead creature. Further, she is shown to be walking amongst a huge pile of corpses, making up a huge portal connecting what seems to be two different realms.

The prominent theory proposed by fans currently is how the different realms are The Lands Between, hosting the golden Erdtree the player already knows about, and the Land of Shadow, an undiscovered realm, which allegedly hosts a shadow tree, originating from the area Queen Marika was shown in.


It is further speculated how these are all corpses of crucible entities, referring to an ancient life form which was ‘blended‘ together. Using these corpses, it was that predicted Queen Marika brought the Erdtree to existence, or the primordial form of it, soon locking away Messmer the Impaler in the Land of Shadow after she was done with the Shadow realm.

Why The Addition Of Messmer The Impaler Will Be A Significant Entry To The Elden Ring Lore

A still from Elden Ring DLC gameplay trailer showing Messmer
A still from Elden Ring DLC gameplay trailer showing Messmer

Through the different promotional material, as well as the insights given through the two different trailers, gamers have figured out the bare minimum of how the flame and snakes-bearing monster happens to be a demigod, and will remain significant to the storyline. Fans have also estimated how Messmer was born out of Queen Marika’s union with herself, through the form of Radagon, a phenomenon we know is possible due to the existence of the Empyrean Twins Miquella and Malenia.


After using her offspring to purge and cleanse the Land of Shadow, Queen Marika allegedly locked away Messmer forever in an undiscovered realm that the player will finally get to explore once Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC is released on 21st June.

Elden Ring is available to purchase on Steam.

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