Elden Ring PSA: Everyone Agrees You’ll Need to Level Up 1 Skill More than Any Other for Shadow of the Erdtree, so Get Prepared for Messmer

It's an essential stat for beginners to have, no doubt about it.

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  • Elden Ring experts recommend leveling vigor for increased health and survivability.
  • More health allows beginners to survive longer and learn enemy patterns effectively.
  • The official Elden Ring guide also supports prioritizing vigor to improve your chances of success.
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Elden Ring, like many other Soulsborne titles, has multiple stats that you can level as you gain enough in-game currency. With so many choices, people often debate about what the best stat is to level, and it can get quite heated.


Following a recent argument on the subject, it seems like the debate might finally be settled. If you’re preparing to take on bigger challenges in Shadow of the Erdtree, this is the one stat you’d absolutely want to have leveled sufficiently.

Which Elden Ring Skill is the Best to Level?

Knowing what to level can make or break your Elden Ring run.
Knowing what to level can make or break your Elden Ring run.

The whole debate started on X/Twitter (as is customary with heated debates) when user @Peeverson tweeted that Elden Ring beginners should prioritize leveling vigor (health) over other stats. This seemed to anger some people, which Peeve clapped back on.


You can level whatever you want, but newbies should level vigor, according to him. One user replied, insisting it was bad advice; instead, newbies should learn the fights and try not to get hit.

Peeve replied, explaining that with more health, you don’t need to drink your flask as much, and you can live longer in each attempt and learn more. The other user disagreed, insults were thrown, and the conflict raged on.


Peeve called the user out for undermining his experience. For the record, he’s been a content creator for 10 years and has been in the Soulsborne community for even longer.

The user continued to argue in his mentions, but one reply put a full stop to the whole debate. Another staple of the FromSoftware community, FightinCowboy, quote-tweeted Peeve and revealed a pivotal statement that he wrote in an Elden Ring guide that FromSoftware contracted him to write.


So, according to the official guidebook itself, it’s recommended that vigor be leveled early on since “it’s critical to your chances of surviving.” Case closed. It wouldn’t hurt to have sufficient health to take on Shadow of the Erdtree‘s fearful enemies either.

It’s Not Just a Few Players, but Many That Argue in Favor of Vigor

The DLC won't be a walk in the park, so prepare wisely!
The DLC won’t be a walk in the park, so prepare wisely!

The post got a ton of traction and a ton of replies. There were nay-sayers, but many seemed to agree that vigor was the best attribute to level for beginners in the game.


Health is an invaluable advantage to have, and as mentioned earlier, more health gives you more time on the battlefield and more time to learn enemy patterns.

Plus, you’ll spend less time drinking flasks, which can leave you open for attacks.


Another player took a statistical approach to explain why vigor reigns supreme. Leveling this attribute first supposedly gives you the best return on interest compared to strength and dexterity in the beginning.

They also mention that in Elden Ring, much of your damage comes from leveling weapons, not your attributes (early game); in that case, vigor is the best way to go.


What build and skill distribution will you go for when you play the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC and why? Let us know in the comments below!


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