From Elden Ring to Palworld, One Player Is on a Mission to Complete the Most Popular Games With Only Her Mind as the Control

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From Elden Ring to Palworld, One Player is on a Mission to Complete the Most Popular Games with only her Mind as the Control


  • Twitch streamer PerriKaryal plays Palworld, using only her mind as the controller.
  • PerriKaryal has used four commands that translate to in-game inputs and has called it her most advanced controller.
  • The streamer has previously finished Elden Ring and also beat Malenia with her mind as well.
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Elden Ring is one of the most popular action RPG titles out there and has been renowned for an array of things, but last year the game was in the spotlight for a strange but exciting reason. PerriKarayl, a Twitch streamer, played Elden Ring by using just her brain as a controller.


The streamer went on to beat Elden Ring and even defeat Malenia, the hardest boss, with only her mind. PerriKaryal has now taken her incredible talents to the “Pokémon with Guns” title Palworld and has been playing the game using the same mind-control technology.

After Elden Ring, Twitch Steamer Is Now Playing Palworld Using Her Mind

Twitch streamer PerriKaryal uses her mind as a controller to play Palworld.
Twitch streamer PerriKaryal uses her mind as a controller to play Palworld.

PerriKaryal, also known as Perri, is a psychology graduate and has been playing video games using her mind as a controller for a long time. She became known with her Twitch stream playing Elden Ring and since then has gone on to play games like Halo, Fortnite, and Valorant. Perri is now playing the open-world survival title Palworld.


Perri shared a post on her X/Twitter handle with a clip of her Twitch stream where she can be seen doing stuff in the game while she imagines certain things. The streamer is seen picking up a rock, jumping around the map, fighting a Pal, hitting a rock, and more. She also interacts with things, changes weapons, throws Pal spheres, and builds and crafts items with the use of her brain only.

For the unaware, PerriKaryal uses a brain imaging device called an electroencephalogram (EEG). This device monitors the streamer’s brain activity as she plays and reacts by triggering the input for in-game actions as she imagines things. This allows her to play with only her mind without the use of a physical controller.

As PerriKaryal plays Palworld, she makes her character jump while she is imagining a cricket jump, and when she crafts items, she is thinking about the heat and muscle contractions related to anger. Her imagining spinning a plate makes the character pick the stone, and pushing a boulder equates to hitting a rock. The streamer revealed that she’s been working longer to improve the controller than it was before when she played Elden Ring and had logged 250 hours in the game.


PerriKaryal Makes the Most Complete Mind Controller

PerriKaryal has previously completed Elden Ring using the same technology
PerriKaryal has previously completed Elden Ring using the same technology.

Along with her post showing Palworld playthrough using her mind, PerriKaryal added that she has made the “most complete controller yet” and said that she has “never done” the above-mentioned things, such as jumping and building things, without even using a single button.

She further states that “this is groundbreaking,” which it truly is, showing how far she has come from the last time. This also shows how much time she would have spent training the software to be able to recognize the particular patterns of brain activity.

The streamer has used four commands to play Palworld with her brain and has said that it is the most advanced that her controller has been and that it “feels amazing” to play the game with just mind control. She also added that she’ll also be playing with just her mind and will say no words for a short time.


What are your thoughts about PerriKaryal playing Palworld using mind control? Are there any games you would like to see her play? Let us know in the comment section below.

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