Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree May Reveal Melina’s True Enemy is Not the Erdtree, But a Forgotten Demigod

A reddit user has come up with an insane theory which exposes a demigod's involvement in burning Melina's body.

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree May Reveal Melina's True Enemy is Not the Erdtree, But a Forgotten Demigod


  • The origins of Melina in Elden Ring are unknown, and remains a question for the upcoming DLC to answer.
  • Fan theory suggests Miquella might have burned Melina's body in order to obtain the Elden Ring for himself.
  • Players hope they get to see more of Melina and Miquella in the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.
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Fans of Elden Ring tend to often come up with insane theories that might answer some questions in the story left behind by FromSoftware and Hidetaka Miyazaki. There has also been an obvious rise in the number of theories and ideas by fans ever since the announcement of Shadow of the Erdtree DLC in February last year.

The theory, proposed by a Reddit User, states how we might have been interpreting the character of Melina and her origins wrong this whole time. The idea given by the user showcases how Melina’s purpose could be interpreted the other way around and will be cleared in the upcoming DLC.

Elden Ring lore Melina

Melina’s origins in the main game are hinted to be from the foot of the Erdtree, where her mother gave her purpose in life. The user points out how there can be many different interpretations of this particular backstory, forever changing how we look at Melina.

Why Miquella Might Play A Huge Role In Melina’s Origins In Elden Ring

It is a common acceptance amongst the community that Melina is the child of none other than Queen Marika. However, the user has stated that this particular fact remains a mere possibility and nothing is confirmed, leading to another theory that states Melina might have gotten confused between the Haligtree and the Erdtree.

The user claims that Miquella had the perfect opportunity to seize the Elden Ring during the shattering, and upon failing to do so, he was the one who burned Melina’s body and gave her a purpose in life to act as a kindling to gain entry to the Erdtree.

Miquella's Cocoon Elden Ring
Miquella’s Cocoon

It was also stated how Miquella’s allegedly alter female ego, St. Trina, could have acted as Melina’s mother instead of Queen Marika as we all believe. The Shadow of the Erdtree might now cover Miquella’s journey back to the Erdtree that it’s burned down, to finally claim the powers of the Elden Ring and use it to cure himself and his sister.

What Do We Already Know About Miquella And Melina In Elden Ring

The characters of both Miquella and Melina in Elden Ring are shrouded in mystery, however, item descriptions and dialogues do help the player get an idea of who they might be. Melina primarily acts as a maiden to our tarnished character, guiding us along the way until we end up becoming the Elden Lord.

Miquella is the twin brother of Malenia, and an empyrean since he was born to Queen Marika and Radagon. Miquella’s status as an empyrean makes him capable of becoming the ruler of the new order, something which many believe he is after already, so he can cure his and his sister’s curse of eternal youth and scarlet rot respectively.

Malenia Elden Ring
Malenia Elden Ring

Fans of the game hope that we will finally get to see more about the story of these two characters in the upcoming Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. The extension is speculated to be released near the second anniversary of Elden Ring, which is in late February.

Elden Ring is available to purchase on Steam.

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