Elden Ring’s ‘Shadow of the Erdtree’ Release Date Speculation

Elden Ring's upcoming DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, has a release date, thanks to new rumors.

Elden Ring DLC Just Had Its Release Date Leaked


  • Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree DLC was announced back in February.
  • New rumors have revealed an expected release date for the upcoming DLC.
  • Elden Ring is expected to reveal more details officially during the annual The Game Awards.
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DLC for FromSoftware’s Elden Ring is rumored to be announced at the annual The Game Awards later this year, and ahead of the mega event, leaks have already surfaced revealing the release date of the DLC. The DLC was announced all the way back in February this year, titled Shadow of the Erdtree. Elden Ring was released on February 25th last year, and according to Statista, it has sold well over 20 million copies.


Elden Ring has a pretty menacing lineup of boss fights, and one of them is also rumored to return in some way in the upcoming DLC. All of these details are just rumored for now and should be taken with a sizeable grain of salt.

The Elden Ring DLC Was Announced With Artwork Back in February of This Year

Elden Ring's upcoming DLC, titled Shadow of the Erdtree, was announced back in February this year.
Elden Ring‘s upcoming DLC, titled Shadow of the Erdtree, was announced back in February this year.

The release date has leaked for Elden Ring’s DLC Shadow of the Erdtree, and the game is now expected to come out by February next year. FromSoftware has always had a DLC for its earlier titles, and Elden Ring also received a Colosseum update on the 7th of December last year, which was a free update. The new DLC, however, is expected to be a paid DLC, as has been the case with DLCs from other franchises by FromSoftware, while nothing has been confirmed as yet.


A popular Elden Ring YouTuber who’s known by their channel name, ZioStorm, has recently posted on their X (formerly Twitter) account stating the expected release date for the upcoming DLC.

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Without naming their sources, ZioStorm has stated that these unnamed sources “have shown signs of insight, but nothing concrete.” For the moment, it should be noted that things could still change by the time an official confirmation does come through.


The Game Awards later this year will be keenly watched for not just the DLC announcement but also a first look at more details as well.

Fan Theory Points to the Return of Malenia and Miquella

Elden Ring's Malenia is rumored to make a return in the upcoming DLC.
Elden Ring‘s Malenia is rumored to make a return in the upcoming DLC.

The DLC is rumored to take place after the events of the main game, with the official artwork featuring a field full of gravestones that appear ghostly. The blonde figure in the middle of the field in the foreground is what got everyone’s attention and sparked a wide range of additional rumors.

Back in February of this year, another rumor pointed to the return of Malenia with the upcoming DLC in some form. The official post by Elden Ring announcing the DLC features an artwork with unknown character riding the famous horse, Torrent, with the Erdtree featured in the background. Over on Reddit, some of the fans have even gone on to predict a three-phase fight featuring both Malenia Blade of Miquella and her brother Miquella of the Haligtree.


In the same Reddit thread, Redditor jdyhrberg has wished for a “Phase three Miquella fight where he spirit summons Malenia,” while another user predicted a fight featuring “Miquella and Malenia together” in a very Dark Souls‘ “twin princes” style of fight.

Malenia is one of the toughest enemies gamers face in Elden Ring, and though it’s an optional fight in the game, it’s said to be one of the best experiences in the game, although it will take more than a few attempts. Those who might have succeeded in overcoming Malenia in the main game can look forward to facing the nemesis again in the DLC, if rumors are to be believed.

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As menacing as it might look at first glance, the Souls-like boss fights in Elden Ring have all been defeated by gamers using unique methods. Swedish Twitch streamer Mikkaa defeated Malenia twice simultaneously using two different setups, using a controller and a dance pad from Dance Dance Revolution. Another streamer, Eric Morino, defeated Malenia and Godrick by programming his PlayStation controllers to track his goldfish’s movements in an unusually large aquarium.

Are you looking forward to the DLC, or do you think you’ve already had enough of Elden Ring? Make sure to leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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