Elden Ring’s Marika Theory Puts an Entirely New Spin on Shadow of the Erdtree That We Need Hidetaka Miyazaki to Confirm

Elden Ring’s inciting event may have been due to Marika’s feelings of imprisonment!

Marika and Elden Ring


  • Elden Ring fans have yet to understand why Queen Marika decided to shatter the Elden Ring.
  • One Redditor has proposed the theory that she did so to escape the imprisonment of godhood implemented by the Greater Will.
  • This theory is supported by the fact that Queen Marika’s grace guides the Tarnished through the game to become Elden Lord and also choose to end the Golden Order.
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The great thing about Elden Ring’s story is that it guides the player just enough to understand the chain of events but also leaves enough room for the imagination to run wild. This is a characteristic trait of many FromSoftware titles, and it’s one of the reasons fans love these worlds.


Shadow of the Erdtree has answered quite a few questions fans had regarding some important figures in the lore. But there are still some questions that need answers, and where Miyazaki won’t step in, fan theories abound.

A New Theory Regarding Queen Marika’s Intentions Sheds New Light on Story Events

Image of the Tarnished on top of Torrent riding through the plains in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree.
Elden Ring‘s story is as convoluted as the Lands Between. | Credits: Steam

FromSoftware games always require the player to look beyond the surface-level events to find the true story. From reading item descriptions to listening to fleeting dialogue, these hints can easily be missed by those without a keen eye. But, some questions don’t have direct answers.


One such question that appears not to have been answered satisfactorily is the inciting event of the game, i.e., Queen Marika shattering the Elden Ring. Given the nature of the game, there are several theories for her motivations, but a new one proposed by Redditor, Neoshenlong, may have an explanation that could show her pathos.

byu/Egg-Extra from discussion

According to the commenter, the goddess wanted to escape her godhood but was bound by the Greater Will to her task. The Elden Ring, a representation of the Golden Order, would have trapped the goddess in her role as a deity preserving the Golden Order at the cost of her freedom.

This might have been too much to bear for the god, who devised a plan to break free of the Greater Will’s entrappings.


This is further supported by the fact that in both the base game and the DLC, we have the guidance of Grace directing the Tarnished as to where to go next. It is stated that Grace was sent to the Lands Between by Marika, so it would make sense to believe she is guiding the Tarnished on her journey as well.

The Elden Ring DLC Brings New Theories to the Forefront

The Tarnished performing a thorn based magic attack in Elden Ring.
Fan theories continue to emerge as new information comes to light. | Credits: Steam

As is the case with all FromSoftware games, new information tends to send all the fans into a wild theory-hunting frenzy. Along with ascertaining Marika’s intentions, fans have also found that Gideon the All-Knowing may not entirely live up to his name. Despite learning as much as possible about Marika, he was entirely unaware of an entire realm hidden in Shadow!

The DLC continues to be one of the most talked-about recent releases, with players finding new lore hints and weapons to try out. Challenge runners are also taking on the entire game again, this time vowing to implement even stricter rules to take down DLC bosses.


Many have already beaten the DLC, while others are still struggling with the bosses, especially the likes of Promised Consort Radahn and Bayle the Dread. Considered two of the most difficult bosses in the expansion, players might do well to find every Scadutree Blessing before taking them on.

Why do you think Queen Marika did what she did? Let us know in the comments below!

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