Elden Ring’s Oddest ‘Enemy’ is Broken but in a Good Way

In Elden Ring, dogs aren't necessarily man's best friend.


  • A little dog in the game wants to kill you, but can't.
  • The dog is merely a metaphor for all things unpredictable.
  • Elden Ring has a way of teaching you how to be okay with surprises.
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FromSoftware has built up a hefty reputation for building games that thrive on the concept of difficulty, yet introduce helpful companions every now and then. Elden Ring is a classic example of this. Between daunting bosses and puzzling dungeons, players can often summon help to go about exploring the world.


Recently, a YouTuber went about exploring The Lands Between, knowing that games from FromSoftware don’t really put faith in one of the oldest companions known to humankind. Dogs can be fluffy and adorable, but not in Elden Ring. Thanks to the player’s sacrifice, the community is now a bit safer knowing most things (and animals) in the game can’t be trusted.

Next time you’re playing Elden Ring, be aware of dogs in Leyndell

Elden Ring doggo
What doesn’t kill you only makes you mistrust everyone.

Leyndell is one of the many locations in the game filled with unpredictable enemies and a rich history to support all its monstrosity. However, next to Leonine Misbegotten (a large, scary enemy) is a little dog sitting peacefully. Now, the dog may not be the cutest-looking, but it sure seems friendly at first sight. Until you choose to approach it, of course.

Elden Ring - The "Friendly" Dog

When Leonine Misbegotten is approached, it starts the usual fight you’d expect; but the dog just sits there doing nothing. That’s the tricky bit. What happens a few seconds later might just invoke a phobia of dogs you didn’t think you had.

Trust and mistrust often go hand in hand, and it may seem a simple thing to be cautious of this dog. After all, previous games from the devs have taught us that dogs cause the most havoc and Elden Ring should be no different. However, this time around, the dog actually sits peacefully without doing anything. This has to be a glitch or bug, but there’s no official word from the studio about it.

Elden Ring’s game design may make you question your ability to trust anyone and anything

Elden Ring doggo
Things may or may not look dangerous, so it’s always good to stay prepared.

It’s not new to see a world from FromSoftware filled with random things (both, living and dead) trying to kill you. So much so that players at this point have given up on the idea of feeling bad about dying to ‘natural causes’. Falling off a cliff, dying to bad camera movement, not being able to see an enemy’s attack, or even falling prey to a simple dragonfly’s sting are all acceptable forms of death in Elden Ring.


Think about it; when was the last time you felt that a death in the game was truly justified? A bugged dog may just be the least of your worries when traversing the Lands Between. A moment of silence for new players who thought that bosses and tough enemies were the only threats in the game. Despite all this, there’s clearly a learning curve to the game’s world.

Adaptability and survivability may be clever tools to have, but being okay with surprises in Elden Ring might be the way to go. After all, you never know which dog will hit you with the energy of a thousand suns and which one will just adorably look at you as you die a painful death to someone else instead. Have you ever faced an encounter like this in the game before? Let us know in the comments below.

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