Elden Ring’s Original Berserk Homage Hints ‘Miquella is Griffith’ Theory is true

Players might finally have figured out how Miquella is connected to Griffith from Berserk.

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  • There are many homages that Elden Ring allegedly pays to Berserk.
  • The game contains many weapons that have a striking similarity to the arsenal used by the characters in Berserk.
  • This includes the Broadsword present in the game, taking inspiration from Griffith's sword.
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A great number of theories have sprung up ever since FromSoftware chose to release the story trailer for Elden Ring’s upcoming DLC. However, one of these theories does not just bring to light new predictions but touches on an age-old speculation of how the game might be greatly influenced by one of the greatest works in the Japanese manga industry.

Main Cover for Elden Ring
Main Cover for Elden Ring

Ever since Elden Ring’s release in 2022, fans of the studio have speculated a connection with Berserk, a renowned manga franchise by Kentaro Miura. There are many elements in the title that players believe are inspired by the manga, something which fans believe Hidetaka Miyazaki implemented to pay his respects to the mangaka, who unfortunately passed away just a year before the game came out.

How Elden Ring Pays Homage To Berserk And Its Author

Greatsword |  A weapon found in Elden Ring
Greatsword | A weapon found in Elden Ring

Found in Caelid, the game offers players a Colossal Weapon called the Greatsword. Scaling primarily with strength, not only it is a great item to use and hold in your arsenal, but also has a striking similarity with the weapon Guts, the main character of Berserk carries around with himself.

Furthermore, if the player ever wishes to imitate the character of Guts as a proper build in Elden Ring, they can do so by equipping the said weapon along with the Night Cavalry Armor Set, which again, is similar to the armor worn by Guts.


Hidetaka Miyazaki has also made sure to hide enough references to the manga around in the game, and it seems he has no intention of stopping anytime soon as fans speculate the upcoming DLC might present a character similar to Griffith, a significant person in the manga.

‘Miquella Is Griffith’ – Elden Ring DLC To Soon Prove The Most Prominent Speculation True?

A look at Miquella in the recently released trailer
A look at Miquella in the recently released trailer

Miquella, the Empyrean twin brother is someone the player does not encounter on his journey to becoming the Elden Lord. However, he is still able to have a significant impact on the storyline, especially the one in the coming DLC, as our tarnished character will soon be following in his footsteps embedded in the Land of Shadow.

Additionally, just like how players can find Guts’ weapon in the game, there also exists the Broadsword, which is a straight sword present in Elden Ring, retaining similarity to the weapon used by Griffith in the manga. This is ultimately the final piece of homage paid to Berserk that makes the fans believe there is a great amount of inspiration taken and implemented to the game.


Griffith remains significant to Berserk’s plot in his own right, posing many striking similarities to Miquella. Keeping aside the resemblance in the physical appearance between the two, Griffith delivered a great plot twist in his respective manga, something which fans believe the Empyrean cursed with eternal childhood is destined to do soon as well.

Elden Ring is available to purchase on Steam.

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