‘She’s not a tuned-up version’: Elizabeth Olsen Reveals Why Scarlet Witch of Earth-838 Was Weaker in Doctor Strange 2

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Doctor Strange 2 was about the multiverse and the variants. Elizabeth Olsen too played different versions of her character Wanda/Scarlet Witch. The major role in the movie was of the Scarlet Witch of our universe Earth-616 and of the variant on Earth-838. Scarlet Witch from our universe uses cursed spells of the Darkhold to Dreamwalk using the 838 variant. In that form, she kills The Illuminati, who did not see her as much of a threat. But it seemed that the 838 wasn’t really as strong as the one from our universe and that is why The Illuminati thought they could take her down.


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Elizabeth Olsen explains why the 838 variant of Scarlet Witch was weaker

Eliizabeth Olsen talks about thepowers of Earth-836 Wanda
Elizabeth Olsen talks about the powers of Earth-836 Wanda

In an interview with Marvel, Elizabeth Olsen talked about her character and the variants she played in Doctor Strange 2. She talked about the scene where Wanda defeats The Illuminati without much trouble, but the actress said that the 838 variant was really a disadvantage for Scarlet Witch. She said, “Well, I thought that you know, it would’ve been easier. They actually put up more of a struggle than I expected.”


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The 838 variant of Wanda was a setback during the fight against The Illuminati
The 838 variant of Wanda was a setback during the fight against The Illuminati

She further added, “I thought it would’ve been easier, but the way we justified it being harder is because she’s trying to keep this physical connection inhabiting this other Wanda’s body. And so that to us was the limit, was that this is not the most well-tuned… if we’re doing a racecar [comparison]… I don’t know anything about racecars or cars. But if you had a bad car and a really awesome car, you can’t really win a race in a bad car. And so she’s not really in a tuned-up version of herself. And so that was why it created, actually, more of a challenge.”

The full strength of Scarlet Witch

Thinking that Scarlet Witch wasn’t at her best during the fight against The Illuminati does send chills down our spine. It also forces the fans to wonder what if she was. Wanda, quite literally, tore down the strongest team on Earth-838 into pieces. It seemed to be the best display of her powers and was the most brutal scene in MCU. But as it turns it wasn’t.


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Full powers of the Scarlet Witch
Full powers of the Scarlet Witch

It is true Scarlet Witch managed to maintain the connection with the variant the entire time and only after she was done, was the 838 Wanda free from her control. So that must have taken a lot of strength to maintain the connection. If 616-Wanda had been there herself, the fight might not have even been as long as it was. It would have been a quick sequence that would end in seconds.

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