‘No One Tells Me Anything’: Elizabeth Olsen Says Marvel’s Keeping Her in the Dark on Rumoured Scarlet Witch Movie


The last time we saw Elizabeth Olsen in The Marvel Cinematic Universe, she was seen in her Scarlet Witch avatar sacrificing herself to destroy all the Darkholds across the multiverse. Since then there has been a wide range of speculations about her return to the franchise. With the ending of the movie being termed “open for interpretation” by the writer, Wanda may make a comeback in the future.

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Scarlett Witch return?
Wanda being influenced by the Darkhold

Wanda Maximoff has always been a part of a terrible life story in the MCU. From a tragic childhood to getting used by Ultron to get her brother and husband lost while saving the people to finally losing her two kids, she suffered a lot. Whenever she loved someone, she lost them. These were the incidents that set up a far darker Scarlet Witch in Doctor Strange: In The Multiverse of Madness.


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The ending of Doctor Strange 2 presented to us a change in Wanda’s heart which caused her to sacrifice herself for the Greater Good. When the writer of the movie Michael Waldron was asked about this, he claimed it to be “open for interpretation” but thanks to the classic Hollywood trope, lacking solid visual proof, she is still a living part of the MCU.


Wanda’s Future in The Marvel Cinematic Universe:

Wanda to return?
Wanda during her brother Pietro’s death

With Agatha: The House of Harkness series slated to release soon, Wanda Maximoff’s return is very much anticipated in that. Considering it as a prequel to the WandaVision series showing the backstory of the antagonist in that series played by Kathryn Hahn, at least a cameo can be expected in Agatha: House of Harkness.

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Even though Elizabeth Olsen clearly stated that she doesn’t know about her return to the MCU, still, the No Way Home memories always teach us to not believe the words of the actors. It’s not that the actors love spinning the web of lies but the strict company policy binds them to not reveal anything and it also makes sense.

During an interview in Good Morning America, Olsen clearly states that nobody tells her anything about her future in the Agatha series or her solo movie but will equally love to be a part of both:


“I would love to be a part of both of those. No one tells me anything, and I’m not even hiding a secret because I’m bad at that. I know nothing about my future.”

In an interview with Variety, Elizabeth once again tries to prove that she really is unaware of anything planned for her character’s future. Although she has a strong gut feeling that they may return her character still it seems she’s in the same boat as us:

“It’s weird that I’m expecting to return, but no one’s told me I’m doing anything! But in my mind, I’m just making the assumption that they’ll have me again. I don’t know to what capacity, but I hope I’m back. I hope there’s also more fun to be had in something different. Where do we go? I feel like we’ve done so much with her. It’s been really a wild couple years with her.”

So as per the statements and interviews, it can be concluded that provided a good story for her return, Elizabeth is always ready to play the role.


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Is it the end of Scarlet Witch in the MCU?

Wanda Powers
Wanda Maximoff in Doctor Strange 2

Despite the makers and the actors not being able to provide any concrete facts, it can’t be denied that Wanda’s character is an important part of Marvel, be it the comics or the movies. So it can’t be expected from a studio like MCU to get her forgotten so early that too also without a proper farewell so a solo Scarlet Witch movie or her glimpse in Agatha: House of Harkness can still be kept on the sheets.


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