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‘That’s a good story… yeah, sure’: Elizabeth Olsen Wants To Star in Future Seasons of House of the Dragon

Elizabeth Olsen Wants To Star in Future Seasons of House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon premiered on 21 August 2022 and became the most successful series on HBO. It has released six episodes so far, and each episode has had tremendous success, reportedly with 30 million viewers tuning in for each episode. HBO has already renewed the show for another season. WandaVision actress Elizabeth Olsen was rumored to join the show for its second season. Olsen earlier auditioned for Daenerys Targaryen’s role in Game of Thrones, but she failed to get it. 

Elizabeth Olsen FandomWire
Elizabeth Olsen

Now when House of the Dragon Season 1 is almost over, fans have started speculating which new characters will join House of the Dragon Season 2. One of the most popular names on this list is Elizabeth Olsen. The actress is rumored to join the second season since HBO confirmed it.

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HBO Confirms House of the Dragon Season 2

After the first episode of the series was seen by more than 20 million viewers, HBO instantly announced season 2 of the show. It gathered the largest audience for any new original series in the history of HBO. 

Elizabeth Olsen FandomWire
Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch

House of the Dragon is based on George R.R. Martin’s Targaryen history book, Fire & Blood. It takes place 200 years prior to the events of Game of Thrones. The series follows House Targaryen and the events leading up to the Targaryen war of succession, known as the Dance of the Dragons.

Ever since HBO announced the second season, rumors have started about certain actors joining the show in the future. Henry Cavill and Elizabeth Olsen are the two most popular names in rumors to join the show for its upcoming season. 

Henry Cavill FandomWire
Henry Cavill as Geralt

Henry Cavill is rumored to be joining the second season as Aegon the Conqueror. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Olsen is expected to appear as young Melisandre, also known as the Red Witch. 

Now that the rumors have hyped the fan-cast so much, Olsen finally talks about whether she is joining the show or not.

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Elizabeth Olsen Addresses House of Dragon Rumors

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight during Variety’s “Power of Women” event, Olsen was asked about the rumors. The actress did confirm that she is a huge Game of Thrones fan and even auditioned for the role of Mother of Dragons, Khaleesi. 

Listening to rumors, Elizabeth Olsen said, “Yeah, I mean, sure. But like, I don’t know how rumors like that get started and people think they’re legitimate.”

Elizabeth Olsen on red carpet premiere of Doctor Strange 2
Elizabeth Olsen

She said, “Dreamcasting is fun, yeah. I heard that it was, like, announced though, which is weirder. From someone with a blue check, I heard, when I did my Variety interview for tonight.”

She later said that she has never heard of her being cast in House of the Dragon. However, the Marvel star did say that she would like to be part of the show, as long as it would be a story worth telling, captivating, and has great characters.

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Elizabeth Olsen Could be The Red Witch in House of the Dragon Season 2

Elizabeth Olsen has been playing the role of Wanda Maximoff for the past seven years in the MCU. However, after the events of  Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, there is no confirmation if she will be reprising her role as Wanda Maximoff or not. 

Elizabeth Olsen

As for which roles the actress can take up in House of the Dragon Season 2, two characters are at the top. The actress is expected to play either the Red Priestess Melisandre or Visenya Targaryen. Red Priestess Melisandre, also known as the Red Witch, is considered most suitable for Olsen as she has been portraying Scarlet Witch in the MCU. 

melisandre game of thrones
Red Priestess Melisandre in Game of Thrones

Another character Olsen can play is Visenya Targaryen, sister, and wife of Aegon the Conqueror. HBO is planning an expansion for the Game of Thrones universe and the studio may have another prequel lineup. It can be Aegon the Conqueror, which may follow Targaryens coming into power, and Visenya Targaryen will have a major role in it. 

House of the Dragon releases a new episode every Sunday. It is available to stream on HBO Max. 

Source: Entertainment Tonight

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