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‘A Queen Watching a Queen Doing Queen Sh*t’: Internet Reacts To Elizabeth Olsen Finally Watching Doctor Strange 2 After Having ‘A Case of the Mondays’

The magical duo of Marvel came together for the Doctor Strange sequel. Elizabeth Olsen came back as Wanda Maximoff but this time around she was under the control of The Darkhold. In the movie, the actress impressed everyone with her amazing acting skills as the antagonist of the film, a suffering mother who so badly wants to reunite with her kids that she could go to any extent to do it, even killing people brutally.

Elizabeth Olsen did not watch Doctor Strange 2 at the premiere
Elizabeth Olsen did not watch Doctor Strange 2 at the premiere

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But the actress revealed that she refused to watch the movie at the premiere and has not watched it even in the theatres.

Elizabeth Olsen finally watches Doctor Strange 2

The actress shared that she feels that with her every movie, she worries that the movie would be Marvel’s “first flop.” She did not even watch the movie when Disney sent her the watermarked version. But in a recent TikTok video, Elizabeth Olsen was spotted watching the movie finally. @HattieHarmony shared a video of the actress watching Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

A TikTok video of the actressb watching the movie went viral
A TikTok video of the actress watching the movie went viral

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In the video, the scene where Scarlet Witch invades Kamar Taj is playing on the TV. The video pans and there’s the actress looking surprised, holding a cutout of Hattie, the cat character from the children’s book she wrote with Robbie Arnett. The video is captioned: “Hattie had a severe case of the Mondays! Would anything cheer her up?! Have you picked up your book yet? We’d love to know.”

Fans share their reaction to the same

Fans share their reaction to the same
Fans share their reaction to the same

It is not a secret that Elizabeth Olsen stole the limelight in the movie with her excellent acting and the amazing portrayal of the Scarlet Witch and her variant. Many fans even claimed it was really a Wanda movie with just Doctor Strange in the title, she outshone everyone, even Benedict Cumberbatch. The fans were glad to see she finally watched the movie.

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Check out some of the tweets below:

Though we do not know the actress’s reaction to the movie yet, looking at her expression on the TikTok video, it can be said she is surprised by how well she did in the final cut of the film. Hope she shares her reaction to the movie soon.

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is streaming on Disney+.

Source: TikTok / Twitter