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Emily In Paris: Emily’s 5 Most Unforgivable Mistakes

Emily in Paris Season 2 was released a few days ago, and it has been the talk of the town. Everybody seems to despise Emily and her haphazard choices. She gets into trouble a lot of times, whether it be at work or in personal life. Starring Lily Collins, Emily in Paris shows the unrealistic portrayal of a clueless American living in the streets of Paris.


The second season picks up where the show left off: Emily dealing with her tumultuous relationship with Gabriel, her constant shortcomings at Savoir, and her newly found villain in the form of her best friend, Camille. With these in mind, let’s take a look at Emily’s biggest mistakes in the show.

Going To Paris Unprepared

Emily Cooper Emily in Paris

Emily is now taking her French language lessons yet it seems she still cannot grasp a single sentence. That was her first mistake: going to Paris without studying the language or even learning the culture. Certainly, she has been given quite some time to prepare for her trip, and she could have used that to her advantage.

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Instead, Emily chose to believe that everyone would speak English and there won’t be a need for her to adjust. Little did she know, this arrogance only irritated her co-workers. As a result, she was constantly made fun of.

Accepting Gifts From Clients

Antoine Emily in Paris

It’s a universal policy to never accept gifts from clients, especially while in the middle of a negotiation. In this case, Emily receives a box of lingerie from Antoine. Instead of giving it back, she kept it and lied that it was from her neighbor.


It was clear that Antoine fancies her and he wanted to give a hint. Emily, on the other hand, was too creeped out to make the wisest possible decision. It would have been better if she managed to return the gift, and by doing so, she wouldn’t have to drag Gabriel into her work dilemmas.

Kissing Her Best Friend’s Boyfriend


This is absolutely Emily’s worst mistake and the most atrocious one. It was different the first time they met when she honestly still has no idea who Gabriel or Camille was. But even if she has already met Camille, Emily could not keep her hands off Gabriel.


When Camille and Gabriel broke up, Emily saw it as an opportunity which is so wrong for all the reasons. One should never date a friend’s ex-lover; that’s an unspoken rule.

Sleeping With A Minor

Timothee Emily in Paris

It seems that Emily just keeps getting herself in trouble day by day. When she visits Camille’s family for a champagne tasting, she met her “brother” Timothee. He was so charming and intelligent, and just everything Emily wanted for a guy. After a few glasses of champagne, they slept together.


Imagine Emily’s horror when she finds out that this brother isn’t the one Camille was talking about! He was just a minor who still goes to college.

Lacking Knowledge Of The French Fashion Industry

Pierre Cadault Emily in Paris

From Pierre Cadault to Maison Lavaux, Emily still has no idea about the trends in the French fashion industry. She has no idea that Cadault and Grégory Elliot Duprée were rivals. Moreover, she has no idea that it is illegal to work on weekends in France!


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