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Emma Watson Was Desperate For Harry Potter Co-Star’s Attention, Admits She Followed Him Like a Puppy

emma watson and daniel radcliffe

Emma Watson had her fair share of sparkling days on the set of the Harry Potter franchise. From lifelong friendships to growing up on the sets, it has been a unique adventure filled with hope, joy, and excitement. The actress when through various experiences and was always surrounded by talented and respected actors until she too became one.

Emma Watson
Emma Watson

She learned a lot during her time on the sets and her journey became one filled with extravagant guides and led her to become the strong and fearsome actress that she is now. Out of her very merry memories, a few shine brighter than most. One of them also happens to be about her friendship with Tom Felton and how it was very important to her.

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Emma Watson Was Following Tom Felton Until He Noticed Her

Emma Watson talked about her friendship with Tom Felton and how the time that they were filming, she grew closer and closer to him. Perhaps she too was a ‘Dramione’ shipper. The actress admitted that she would often follow him around because she craved his attention. Furthermore, she also revealed that she always had a crush on the actor.

Tom Felton Emma Watson Harry Potter
Felton and Watson reunited in Harry Potter anniversary special

While Felton and Watson were never romantically involved with each other, she was infatuated with him and became a sweet puppy when he was around. The actor did confirm that he was never romantically attracted to the actress. However, both of them valued their friendship a lot and even considered each other platonic soulmates. He added that although he loves the actress, it was never in the way that fans ended up assuming.

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Emma Watson Was Not Very Open With Tom Felton

Emma Watson revealed that initially, Tom Felton and her did not get on very well. The two barely knew each other and would not talk as often. However, gradually this started to change. Watson even admitted to always being attracted to the actor but never having the courage or ability to define the bond that the two share.

Tom Felton
Tom Felton

On the sets of the Harry Potter films, Felton and Watson became great friends and they even got to understand and love each other in what the actress defines as “the purest form of love.” Ever since the first movie, the actress would try her best to get the actor’s attention and to make him talk to her. This did change, of course. Years later, the two are still great friends who heavily adore and admire each other.

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Source: Economic Times

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