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Emmys 2022: Better Call Saul Being Nominated 46 Times and Still Walking Away Empty Handed With 0 Wins is a Stone Cold Crime

Better Call Saul Being Nominated 46 Times and Still Walking Away Empty Handed With 0 Wins is a Stone Cold Crime

Breaking Bad is one of the finest TV shows made in recent history. Filling its shoes was therefore always a big ask. However, Better Call Saul did just that and even more, if you ask some. The show is one of the rare spinoffs that lives up to the hype of the original and manages to surpass it in the eyes of many. Better Call Saul is insanely popular and has many brilliant facets to it. So when the show raked up more than 40 nominations at the Emmys all through its run so far, no one was surprised. However, when it failed to bag a single award, the world took notice.

Spinoff of Breaking Bad: Better Call Saul
A spinoff of Breaking Bad: Better Call Saul.

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Better Call Saul Has Seven Nominations but Not a Single Award in 2022

Better Call Saul
A poster of the famed show

The Emmys, 2022 was an interesting affair. Fans of the show Better Call Saul were excited to see their favorite show rake up awards at the ceremony. The show picked up 7 nominations and looked set to dominate. Alas, it returned empty-handed, failing to win even a single award. This has perplexed many fans around the world. The show has often been described as the best in many years. The writing of the show is unmatched and the technical aspects of the production are phenomenal. Yet it went unrecognized at the famed awards. This snub stung countless fans worldwide.

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Ignoring Overwhelming Fan Love for the Show Reflects Poorly on the Emmy Awards

the door is always open amc wants vince gilligan to expand breaking bad universe after better call s 21
A still from Better Call Saul

The snub received by Better Call Saul at the Emmys 2022 shakes the credibility of the Emmy Awards as an institution. The show was a class apart and the same is recognized by legions of fans worldwide. Yet, despite bagging 46 nominations over the span of 7 years it was left without a single award. When award distribution becomes unreasonable, the reputation of the awarding institution takes a hit. Nevertheless, an outstanding show like Better Call Saul needs no puny awards to cement its legacy. Millions of fans and the outpouring of their love for the show online is a testament to the place held by Better Call Saul in the hearts of the audiences.

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