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Empire Magazine’s ‘No Way Home’ Cover Reveals Spider-Man’s Red, Black & Gold Suit

The release of the Spider-Man: No Way Home is fast approaching. Since the announcement of the movie and the release of the first trailer, fans have been highly excited. Also, the ending of the Spider-Man: Far From Home revealed the secret identity of Peter Parker to the world. This has intrigued fans on what will happen in the threequel. The interest skyrocketed after it was announced that the movie will focus on the multiverse, bring back previous villains, and more. And now the first image of Spider-Man’s red, black and gold suit has been released on Empire magazine cover.

Empire Magazine's No Way Home Cover Reveals Spider-Man's Red, Black & Gold Suit
Tom Holland

Red, Black, and Gold Spider-Man Suit Magazine Cover

Now, you might think that the movie will be focused on how Spider-Mam gets swept into the multiverse. However, the story will focus on Tom Holland’s version of web-slinger and how his life has changed since his identity was revealed. The first trailer barely gave the fans a glimpse into the story arc. However, the most striking feature of the trailer was a few shots of the different suits Peter will wear in the movie.

Since the movie’s release is fast approaching, the marketing campaign has geared up. This means the movie is taking over prominent publications such as the Empire magazine. The upcoming issue of the magazine reveals the new red, black, and gold Spider-Man suit against the backdrop of multiverse villains. This clearly shows the attention Spider-Man: No Way Home is getting. Here’s the upgraded version of the suit as shown on the cover of Empire magazine.

Empire Magazine's No Way Home Cover Reveals Spider-Man's Red, Black & Gold Suit
Empire Magazine No Way Home Cover

New Suit Indicates Tony Stark’s Enhancement 

Over the years when Spider-Man has appeared on the screen, the suit has always been upgraded. And the latest red, black, and gold suit is an indication of the same. The red and black suit backdrop with a gold element that makes it similar to the Iron Spider suit. And this indicates Stark’s further enhancement in Peter’s suit. Although the suit has always appeared through merchandise, it is unclear why Peter makes this switch in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Empire Magazine's No Way Home Cover Reveals Spider-Man's Red, Black & Gold Suit
Tony Stark and Peter Parker














The movie will hit theaters in December and fans will finally get to see the suit in action. A second and final trailer of the movie will drop anytime soon. Especially with the Eternals theatrical launch. The extra footage in the movie can show the secret behind the suit. However, when finally Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters fans will know what makes the suit special.

Source: ScreentRant