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Encanto: 5 Gifts Mirabel Could Have Had According To Reddit

Encanto 5 Gifts Mirabel Could Have Had According To Reddit

Encanto showed us the true spirit of a strong family bond. The Madrigals are a magical family with each member having unique abilities except for one, Mirabel. Despite being powerless, she is the most unique and relatable character.

Fans took to Reddit what powers they think Mirabel could have had if she was ever blessed. They want to believe that somehow, Disney gave her a secret power that none of us knows. Here are some of the best guesses that Encanto fans came up with:

Hyping Up Others’ Powers

Isabela Mirabel Encanto

In the confrontation scene between Isabela and Mirabel, the latter agitates her sister and brings her to confess her deepest secret: she does not want the marriage offered to her. Out of the blue, she created something from her powers that she was not able to do before. This is proof that Mirabel could bring out the best (or worst) in her family’s magical powers.

Reddit fan spooticv believes this is Mirabel’s gift. If this proves to be true then she can make Luisa stronger or help Aunt Pepa control her emotions.

Controlling Casita

Encanto 2

One of the things fans noticed all throughout the film is how Mirabel is able to talk and give instructions to Casita, their magical abode. No one in the family does it better than her. The way Casita responds to Mirabel is something that the viewers could not help but wonder about.

For Reddit user ducarian, this is Mirabel’s obvious superpowers. It’s just no one talks about it but she is truly and deeply connected with the foundation of their house.

Detecting Lies

Mirabel Green Color Encanto

Another interesting hypothesis about Mirabel’s secret powers could lie in her green eyeglasses. Notice how in the movie, they used the color green to tell the truth. Mirabel could see through people, so there’s the link between her eyeglasses and everyone’s true selves.

This brilliant guess is from Reddit fan FancyPolkadot who believes that the color theory in Encanto has something to do with Mirabel’s hidden potential. But, fans also consider this gift as a curse, similar to Dolores’ hearing powers.

Slowing Down Time

Encanto 3

When Mirabel performed the song, “Waiting on a Miracle,” time slowed down as she watches her family get together while she’s left out. This could be just a dramatic effect but Reddit user ac0380 believes that this is a possible twist in the movie.

Perhaps Mirabel’s power is slowing down time, or even stopping it, as far as her magic can go. If this will be confirmed, it can be a helpful trick not only for her family but also for the entire village as they labor on a daily basis.

Gift Of Warmth

Antonio Madrigal

A heartwarming scene took place between Mirabel and her little cousin Antonio during the kid’s ceremony. He was afraid so he asked Mirabel to accompany him on the way. Somehow, Mirabel has this sense of comfort that she gives off to everyone.

In this sense, Reddit fan CleverSpirit supposes that her power is gentle warmth. Mirabel could provide people with the feeling of security.

Written by Ariane Cruz

Content writer at FandomWire.