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Encanto: Everything We Know About Disney’s New Musical

A new musical is being made at Disney, which is being directed by Byron Howard (Tangled, Zootopia) and Jared Bush (Zootopia, Moana). It is being written by Jared Bush and Charise Castro-Smith (The Haunting on Hill House), with music written by Lin Manuel Miranda (Hamilton, In The Heights). It is being produced by Clark Spencer (Wreck-It Ralph, Zootopia)  and Yvett Merino Flores (Big Hero 6, Moana). 


The story will follow a Latinx family and will take place in Columbia. Recent details have revealed a list of main and supporting characters, who will all be singing roles. This information most likely comes from a casting call sheet, meaning that it is very possible that many, if not all, names are changed, which is a common practice when creating casting call sheets. 

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The main character of the musical is a 15-year-old girl named Mariana, who they describe as “lovable, funny, fallible, utterly human protagonist”. She uses humor to cover up her struggles and is described as a “comedienne”.


The next character is Juana, who is believed to be Mariana’s mother/mother-figure. She is a supporting character in her mid-40s, and is described as “a maternal presence in the film, a deep thinker, and a good listener.”


Next is Ines, who is believed to be Mariana’s sister. She is a supporting character in her early 20s. She is described as “the golden child of the family, with a beautiful singing voice.” She is deeply insecure but hides that fact. 


Lydia is a supporting character in her early 20s. She is “funny, yet sincere”. She is described as “an athletic jock with a big voice and persona”. She has a small amount of singing in the movie. 


Fernando is a supporting character in his late 40s. It is possible he is Mariana’s father, but Disney movies often feature protagonists with only one parent, so this is unlikely. He is “handsome, funny and loud” and is “the life of the party, loyal and kind.” He has an extraordinary singing voice.


Carlos is a 15-year-old boy and Mariana’s enemy. He is described as “hilariously funny” and he has a habit of telling tall tales. 

Lastly, we have Andrea, who is the 75-year-old matriarch of the family. She is “strong and determined, sometimes to a fault”. She has a dry wit and a tough presence. 


So far, this is as much as we know about the movie, but it is expected that we will learn more, and get an official reveal, tomorrow at the Disney Investor Day, which we will be covering tomorrow. 

Encanta will be released on November 24, 2021.  

Written by Donovan Reed