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Endgame Plot Reveals Steve Did Not Have A Peaceful Retired Life

Avengers: Endgame is the biggest MCU movie to date. The movie was a swan song for few heroes as Iron Man and Black Widow sacrificed themselves for the greater good. But there was another hero who decided to step out of the picture, and that is Steve Rogers, aka Captain America. As seen in the movie, Cap goes back in time to return the Infinity Stones after winning against Thanos. But he decides to go further back to live a life with his long-lost-love, Peggy Carter. Even though it was a heartwarming final moment, it still came with a lot of loopholes. An Endgame plot reveals Steve did not have a peaceful retired life. Check it out!

Endgame Plot Reveals Steve Did Not Have A Peaceful Retired Life

In order to not mess with time, the Avengers decided to place the Stones back from where they took them. Steve took the responsibility of returning the Stones. But after returning the Stones, he decided to go in the ’40s to his one true love, Peggy Carter. Endgame did not shed light on his life afterward. However, an old Steve comes back to the present day to choose Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) as his successor. But his life as a retiree couldn’t have been peaceful, and here’s how.

First of all, how did Steve ever escape the eyes of the Government after going back in time? If Steve was looking for a private time and a personal life, then he had to stay out of public affairs. But the US Government had chosen him for the super-soldier program and expect him to act as Captain America. So to act as a retiree is something Steve couldn’t have achieved.

So if Steve is back in the 40s, be it the organization’s propaganda tool or a frontline soldier, he’d still have to be active. To not do so, he’d have to assume a different persona. But Captain America was a phenomenon and not something you see every day. Moreover, Peggy Carter was involved in the super-soldier program. So to have a husband who looks ridiculously like Captain America wouldn’t have really worked.

Steve Deserved The Final Moment

Steve’s decision of choosing a personal life was partial because of Tony as well. The latter told him that there is a life out of their superhero identity that they should pursue. Hence, Steve did what he did. He was seen living up to his promise of their dance and nothing else was shown. The moment was beautiful and Steve deserved it as he served his country selflessly.

So all in all, the moment was beautiful and well-deserved. But it still couldn’t help some criticism. The Russo Brothers claim that Steve’s actions created a different timeline. On the other hand, writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely believe that he stayed in the Sacred Timeline. There have been theories that it was He Who Remains who made this decision for Steve so that he could have Captain America out of the way for his greater plans. Be it a peaceful life or not, Steve ended up with Peggy which is what we all wanted.

Written by Deepak Vasisht