“I will buy everything in this game…”: Even Endgame Spider-Man Isn’t Toppling 1 Marvel Rivals Skin Everyone Wants From the Last Patch

"Bag Man 2099 please boss I beg."

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  • Marvel Rivals has added 37 new skins with the latest patch, including popular ones from the MCU.
  • The Bombastic Bag Man skin is what players are interested in, more than the Spider-Man skin from Endgame.
  • Several other skins, such as Iron Man and Wanda, have also been added to the game.
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Marvel Rivals, the superhero team-based PVP title from NetEase Games, has been the talk of the town ever since it was announced. The game features 6v6 fast-paced combat and pits players against each other, where they play as popular Marvel characters and can also use their abilities.


The game recently held its closed alpha test and has now introduced some new character skins. There are several character skins from movies and comics; however, there is one skin that players are excited about the most, and it cannot even beat the popular Spider-Man skin from Endgame.

One Marvel Rivals Skin From the Patch Is the Most Wanted by Fans

Marvel Rivals adds new skins to the game with latest patch.
Marvel Rivals adds new skins to the game with the latest patch.

The closed alpha test for Marvel Rivals began on May 10 and ended on May 20, allowing players to check out the game for the first time, and the response has been amazing. The gameplay videos from the alpha test have also been making the rounds on the internet, and fans are excited for the full launch of the game.


As the alpha test concluded, a new patch v1.1.918573 has gone live, and it has several brand new skins for the game. It is reported that the patch added 37 new skins, and out of them, 32 are almost complete, and these also have character skins from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

While players are thrilled to see the skins, they are most excited about the Bombastic Bag Man skin. This skin was used by Peter Parker after he separated from the alien symbiote in the Baxter Building, and fans have expressed their interest in seeing the skin made futuristic to suit the in-game environment.


The skin is reported to be Bag Man that appears in-game for the Tokyo 2099 lore, and players can’t wait to get their hands on it. Players have also been wondering if there will be more skins for Spider-Man, and if yes, they are all interested in getting them, no matter the price tag.

Several Other Exciting Skins Have Been Added to the Game

Players are excited to know about the addition of Bombastic Bag Man 2099 skin.
Players are excited to know about the addition of the Bombastic Bag Man 2099 skin.

Alongside Bombastic Bag Man 2099, many other skins have also been added with the latest patch. These include the Scarlet Witch and Zombie Strange from the Multiverse of Madness, along with Groot, Mantis, Star-Lord, and Rocket Raccoon skins from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.


Iron Man and Spider-Man skins from Avengers Endgame, Namor skins from Wakanda Forever, and VEN#M and Punk Storm skins are also in the game. Fans are now waiting for the game’s release, and many also wish that the game would come out on consoles.

Players are also speculating that a beta date may also be announced at the upcoming Summer Game Fest. Many players are happy to see that the Wanda skin is coming to the game, and one player said that they would buy everything related to her in the game.


Another fan said that they were ready with their wallets just at the mention of Spider-Man. Players are expecting Marvel Rivals to be the live-service superhero game that they have always wanted.

What are your thoughts about these new skins in the game? Let us know in the comments.


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