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‘Endless unpaid revisions then win a bunch of Oscars’: Avatar Director James Cameron Being Accused of Exploiting VFX Artists’ Wages Casts Dark Cloud on Avatar 2

avatar the way of water

Avatar 2 is all geared up to be released soon by visionary director James Cameron. But as he gears up for his magnum opus, the past came back to haunt him. Taking to Twitter, a VFX artist who worked on the original film Avatar (2009) wrote a controversial tweet and then proceeded to immediately delete it in fear of backlash.

The artist spoke about how James Cameron took it a step too far to make his dream project come true…but at the expense of the VFX artists.

The VFX of Avatar (2009) by James Cameron was praised by many.
The VFX of Avatar (2009) by James Cameron was praised by many.

James Cameron Exploited VFX Artists for Avatar

In the now-deleted tweet, Nick Sinnot, one of the VFX artists to work on the Oscar-winning film Avatar (2009) spoke about the tremendous pressure that he had to work through to get the VFX just right with a tight schedule on his head to maintain.

James Cameron has been hailed as a visionary director.
James Cameron has been hailed as a visionary director.

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The artist revealed that James Cameron abused the VFX artists to get the animation of the film just right but the artists had to suffer endless revisions which were unpaid. The people claimed that James Cameron, although a visionary director, took it a step too far.

“A fun thing about working on the VFX for Avatar was being the only major department not unionised and having Cameron exploit that fact with endless unpaid revisions then win a bunch of Oscars.”

Nick Sonnet later tweeted a humorous tweet stating “deleting a viral tweet feels so good, five stars”.  The former tweet was quickly deleted in fears of backlash that the film or James Cameron might receive especially at a crucial time when his magnum opus Avatar 2 is set to release.

James Cameron Among The List of VFX Abusers

The VFX of Avatar 2 have broken the barrier once again.
The VFX of Avatar 2 has broken the barrier once again.

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Nick Sonnet is one among many to come forward and tell the tale of the mentally-tiring working conditions for VFX artists. Marvel Studios recently came under a lot of heat when one of their artists too spoke about the working conditions at the studios which included working overtime and a toxic environment during work.

The controversial tweet happened right when the Titanic director is gearing up for his magnum opus and a sequel to the Oscar-winning classic Avatar. The sequel, titled Avatar: The Way of Water is all set to release on 16th December 2022 in theaters across the world and much like its predecessor, the VFX breaks the barriers once again.

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