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‘Enough’s enough, this outfit is just horrendous’: Internet’s Going to War Over Harry Styles’ Weird Grammys Wardrobe

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Apart from being known as one of the most successful members of One Direction, Harry Styles is also famous for breaking public norms through his fashion sense. But a good portion of the internet has previously ridiculed the singer for his distinctive dress codes on several occasions.

And the singer’s outfit for the red carpet for the prestigious Grammys was the last straw for many. As the internet has blasted the celebrity for his wardrobe choice at the ceremony, and users have taken hilarious strikes against the renowned artist.

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Harry Style wins Grammy for album of the year
Harry Style wins Grammy for album of the year

Harry Styles becomes the center of attention through his dazzling look

Harry Styles was nominated for three awards at the 2023 Grammys, including album of the year. But the singer soon became a hot topic on the internet after his first appearance on the red carpet for the award show. Fans witnessed the singer in a unique rainbow jumpsuit by Egonlab, which had a low neckline that was flaunting the tattoos all over his body.

Apart from leaving everyone bamboozled through his dazzling look, Harry Styles also went on to win the Grammy for best album for his 2022 hit Harry’s House. The singer was applauded for his achievement and Styles went on to share his respect for the other artists after receiving the honor. He went on to state,

I’ve been so, so inspired by every artist in this category with me at a lot of different times in my life, I think, like on nights like tonight, it’s so important for us to remember that there is no such thing as best in music.

Even though the singer has been greeted with an overwhelming response from his fans after his historic landmark at the 65th Grammy Awards. But a good portion of the internet has shared their distaste for the singer’s clothing at the ceremony.

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Harry Styles on the Red carpet for 2023's Grammy awards
Harry Styles on the Red carpet for the 2023’s Grammy awards

Twitter blasted Harry Styles for his rainbow outfit

Even before winning the Grammy for his album Harry’s House, the singer became a hot topic on the internet after his appearance on the red carpet in a rainbow jumpsuit. Twitter blasted Harry Styles for his horrendous clothing at the prestigious ceremony.

Many took offense to his outfit and called out his stylists for making Harry Styles wear a circus outfit. Styles’ appearance in that outfit also gave rise to a meme fest on the internet, as users took some hilarious digs at the accomplished artist.

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Harry Styles in a rainbow jumpsuit
Harry Styles’ rainbow jumpsuit by EgonLab

Although the internet has blasted the artist for his unethical clothing choice, many have applauded Harry Styles for his achievement at the 65th Grammys. As the singer surprised everyone by winning the award and beating the favorites, including Beyoncé and Bad Bunny.

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