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“Enter Thanos” Attack: X-Men Reveal A Horrific Version

Warning: Spoilers for X-Force #24! Explores “Enter Thanos” Theory!

“enter Thanos” has always given way to hilarious memes from fans. And now X-Force #24 explores this type of espionage and their own protocol for biological infiltration. In the latest issue, a vicious enemy attacks Beast’s body and his teammates need to fight this enemy and get rid of it as soon as possible. This ensuing battle inside Hank McCoy’s body shows that the theory might have real potential after all.

What is the “enter Thanos” theory?

"Enter Thanos" Attack: X-Men Reveal A Horrific Version
Enter Thanos Theory



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In Avengers: Endgame, Ant-Man took a central role. And at the time when this was announced, people speculated that Ant-Man can use “enter Thanos” to kill the Mad Titan. Fans theorized that Ant-Man can shrink and enter the Mad Titan’s body and expand to kill Thanos from inside. So, you can safely say that X-Force #24 is not the first Marvel is trying to implement this theory in practicality. But this time they go a step ahead into some body-horror elements.

What happens in X-Force #24?

In X-Force #24, the team needs to fight against Mikhail Rasputin’s spycraft. Mikhail Rasputin is the older brother of Colossus and Magik. In the story, readers will find that Colossus is engaged with Mikail and his pawn Chronicler. At the same time, Beast and Black Tom Cassidy fight against the “nesting doll agents” team inside Beast’s body.

This espionage event is particularly troubling as Beast has confidential knowledge about the mutant nation Krakoa. Hence, to defeat these nesting doll agents, Black Tom uses his power to shrink himself and get inside Beast’s body. But the way he uses takes a body-horrific twist on the “enter Thanos” theory.

"Enter Thanos" Attack: X-Men Reveal A Horrific Version
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Unlike the original fan theory, in X-Force #24Black Tom doesn’t expand in Beast’s body and kill him. Instead, he starts to hunt down these nesting doll agents. Over the story, we see that Black Tom befriends a salad that Beast ate earlier to get the upper hand in the fight.

The theory also shows Thanos’ perspective when Beast sees the face of the agent on Tom’s face. However, he quickly realizes that the agent is floating in his eye. The overall picturization of this scene is particularly gory and disturbing.

What does this mean for the “enter Thanos” theory?

"Enter Thanos" Attack: X-Men Reveal A Horrific Version












Although Beast and Black Tom eventually win the fight, it does through light on the dangerous use of such theory further in the series. In fact, there is no denial that Beast can himself use this insight in the name of security. Over the series, readers have seen Beast grow colder and crueler to save Krakoa. And hence it is not far that he might use this new knowledge again in a destructive manner.

Also, the horror imagery used in X-Force #24 shows the internal struggle that might happen due to the “enter Thanos” theory. Although X-Force #24’s use of “enter Thanos” lacks the explosive ending, it has certainly explored the dark nature and consequences.

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Written by Aditi Thosar