Enter The CW Cancelverse: Every ‘Deadweight’ Show That Was Shut Down

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In the new sale of the CW, a number of the network’s shows have been canceled. This year, the show had prepared the script for 19 shows, out of which only eleven remain. The list of the shows being canceled is based on a new strategy being used by the network’s owners. But this news has got the viewers worried about whether their show is on the list or not. A number of fan favorites are surely on the list of shows canceled. The CW has shocked everyone with the huge number of shows canceled at once. Check out the list that follows to see if your show was among the favorites.


Naomi is canceled by the CW

Naomi is canceled by the CW

Based on the DC character, Naomi, the show is about a girl who is trying to get to the center of the supernatural events taking place in her town. The show starred Kaci Walfall, playing the title role. Naomi is a comic book fan and also loves adventure. She uncovers her hidden destiny. She meets a number of people who join her in the adventure. Also, she travels through the multiverse for answers, she finds secrets that would change everything we believe about superheroes.

Charmed is among the list of canceled shows

Charmed is canceled by The CW

After the death of their sister Macy, the life of Mel and Maggie completely changes. But as their power – The Power of Three, is to be undone they discover another Charmed One. And this could help them fulfill their destiny. This could be the right time to rise as the world is at threat of a new evil being. The trio has to come together and work to beat the evil and save the world. But now with the show no longer available on The CW, it would be hard for fans to know what could happen next.


Dynasty is canceled by the CW

Dynasty is cenceled by the CW

After the run of five seasons, Dynasty has been canceled. Though the show was doing well online, it had poor ratings. This is what led to the cancelation. It was a drama series based on two rich families, who are rivals. Also, it focuses on the drama around the marriage of Blake and Cristal and their daughter not being happy about it. But we would not get to see further on this drama that deserved a better end.

In the Dark is off the CW network

In the Dark is canceled by the CW
In the Dark

After the completion of season 4, In The Dark would also end. The finale season of the series is premiering on June 6. The show, so far, has told the story of a lazy receptionist, Murphy, that later turns into a drug proprietor and now is a woman on the run. Also, she is blind. And now she along with her group is stuck in a murder mystery, trying not to get caught by the authorities. Hope the finale gives the series a proper end.

Legacies is on the list of canceled shows

Legacies is canceled by the CW

The CW series was a spin-off of the popular The Vampire Diaries series. It is the third show of the legacy. And now this season’s finale will serve as the end of the series. It is coming out on June 16. The fans wanted the series to be renewed but sadly it is being slashed by the network. The reason given for the cancelation was the low ratings of the show. This is not just the end of the series but an entire TVD history.


Batwoman is being canceled as well

Batwoman is canceled by the CW

It has been confirmed that Batwoman too is among the series canceled by the CW. It premiered in 2019 and season 3 is going to be the final one of the series. Also, was confirmed by the tweet that the show would not return for a fourth season. The cast and the fans are together upset that the show has been canceled. It starred Javicia Leslie, Rachel Skarsten, and Nicole Kang.

Legends of Tomorrow is canceled by The CW

Legends of Tomorrow is canceled by The CW
Legends of Tomorrow

It is based on the DC comics and has a unique take on the lives of superheroes. The show was like no other but now it is being canceled by the network. This was due to the network canceling most of the Arrowverse shows. Also, it could be due to the decreased popularity of the shows recently. It was a fun superhero show and fans would’ve loved a season 8.

Roswell, New Mexico is canceled too

Roswell, New Mexico is canceled by the cw
Roswell, New Mexico

Among the series canceled by the CW is the Roswell High adaptation. The show will end after its fourth season premieres on June 6. This would be the final season of the show. Let’s hope that the series brings a proper end to the story of Liz Ortecho and Max Evans. As this would be the last we see in their story.


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