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21 Times Fans Shared Epic Batman Facts We Never Knew

Batman is known as one of the most popular and loved superheroes and has been for over a decade. No matter who is the lead character in the movie, Batman always steals the show! Many actors like Christian Bale, Ben Affleck, and Robert Pattinson have played the character of Batman. Fans from Twitter have shared their thoughts about Batman we may have never noticed before. Take a look at the list below of Epic Batman Facts We Never Knew and choose your favorite.

1. Batman is a leader, and the type of strength Batman holds is incredible.

2. Bruce Wayne owns the edgiest and the blackest building in Gotham City, and it definitely looks so damn good! Who else it could be if not Bruce Wayne!?

3. Can you believe that Bruce Wayne was 30 when he became Batman? So it doesn’t matter how old you are, there’s still enough time!

4. Bruce Wayne has a specialty, and that is his famous signature bat-smirk.

5. Bruce Wayne’s incredible basement: Bruce Wayne has a secret basement which he rents for making music videos. LOL!

6. Alfred’s Always A Savage! Also, this was so hilarious!

7. Alfred’s a Saint or not!?

8. Comic based offence in Gotham City. While reading the next tweet, you’ll definitely see what’s so funny in Gotham City.

9. Just look at his expressions!!

10. The way Batman is looking at Joker while he is hanging over an incinerator is just so funny!

11. “I can really do whatever I want”- Batman. Bruce Wayne just proved that he could do anything, and no one can control him.

12. Batman’s famous approach towards parenting. He has a whole different approach towards parenting, and it is clearly visible in the next post.

13. Bryce Wayne ‘A Total Local Disaster’. It looks like Bruce Wayne has two different personalities. Gotham perceives him as super intelligent, composed and a guy who always wears a suit. But in reality, it looks like Bruce is too lazy even to change his clothes.


14. Not gonna lie; these images do look the same!

15. Is there anything batman’s belt can’t do!? The belt can literally do anything except for one thing, saving Batman’s parents.

16. Asking some real questions.

17. Batman’s Famous Brand Symbol! Batman imposes a bat symbol on literally everything!? Bruce explains this by saying that the bat symbol is a brand in itself, and according to him, it’s the promotion of his business, and he is so passionate about it!

18. Hey, that was cold!!

19. According to many people in the audience, Batman doesn’t make sense to them.

20. Batman’s Nesting Vigilantes.

21. That Was Brutal, Bruce! Ending the list of Epic Batman Facts We Never Knew with another epic Bruce scene!!

Written by FandomWire Staff