Epic Games Store’s Mystery Free Game is an 80 Hour, Unique Superhero Tale Everyone Needs to Play

Epic Games Store is ready to wrap up the Mega Sale 2024 with a Marvel Games banger.

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  • Epic Games Store is celebrating its Mega Sale 2024 which started from May 16 and will end on June 13.
  • The last surprise title in this event is going to be Marvel's Midnight Suns.
  • Previously Epic Games has featured titles like Dragon Age Inquisition, Farming Simulator 22, and Chivalry 2 as surpirse titles in this sale.
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The Epic Games Store has always been a treat to all gamers around the world. This store is known for giving away free titles every week. Not only small titles, EGS has given away the likes of GTA 5, Tomb Raider Trilogy, Watch Dogs 2, and many other top AAA titles for absolutely free.


Recently, Epic Games Store was celebrating their Mega Sale 2024, which started on May 16 and will end on June 13. On the occasion of this sale, this long-hailed company has offered huge titles like Dragon Age Inquisition, Farming Simulator 22, and Chivalry 2 for free. Now, for the final entry to this event, an epic title from Marvel Games is waiting.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is Soon to Be Available for Free on the Epic Games Store

Marvel's Midnight Suns was released in 2022.
Marvel’s Midnight Suns was released in 2022.

After three mystery games of Mega Sale 2024, it’s time for another AAA title to be the last mystery game of this event. According to credible leaker Billbil-Kun, this mystery title is going to be Marvel’s Midnight Suns.


The standard version of this game is going to be available on the store for free from June 6 to 13, 2024. This game has never been offered on PC before, not even through subscription services such as PlayStation Plus or Xbox Game Pass.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns was released in 2022 by 2K, developed by Firaxis Games. This tactical RPG title features comic book characters from multiple Marvel comics, like Midnight Sons, Avengers, X-Men, and Runaways. Despite getting high acclaim from critics, the game went commercially flop. But still, the game is an underrated gem.


In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, you have the ability to create your own superhero called The Hunter with the choice of 40 different powers from various characters from the roster, like Iron Man, Wolverine, Blade, and many more Marvel legends. This fictional hero of yours will take on the fight against the demonic forces, which takes place in the Dark Marvel Universe, led by Lilith and Chthon.

What’s next in the Epic Games Store?

There are a lot of other sales lined up on Epic Games Store.
There are a lot of other sales lined up on Epic Games Store.

With the addition of Marvel’s Midnight Suns, it concludes the Mega Sale 2024. However, there is no conclusion to the fun that the Epic Games Store is going to offer next.

Here are the upcoming sales and events on this fan-favorite store:

  • Epic Games Store Summer Sale 2024: July 18-August 1
  • Epic Games Store Halloween Sale 2024: October 16-October 30
  • Epic Games Store Black Friday Sale 2024: November 19-November 26
  • Epic Games Store The Game Awards Sale 2024: December 5-December 7
  • Epic Games Store Holiday Sale 2024: December 11–January 2, 2025

In these sale events, players will get huge discounts on their favorite titles, along with some free top AAA titles like what we have in the Mega Sale 2024. For example, in the previous summer sale, Dead Island 2, Star Trek: Resurgence, and Crime Boss: Rockaby City were available with a heavy discount.

Are you excited about the free arrival of Marvel’s Midnight Suns in the Epic Games Store? Let us know your feelings about the game in the comment section.


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