The Epic Games Store Is Not Turning a Profit According to New Court Records

The Epic Games Store is currently in a court battle against Google, and due to recent reports, it has been revealed that EGS is still not turning a profit.

The Epic Games Store Is Not Turning a Profit According to New Court Records


  • Epic Games Store is currently in a court battle against Google.
  • Recent reports suggest the Epic Games Store is still not turning a profit.
  • Epic spent over $300 million back in 2021 and is still attempting to turn a profit.
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The Epic Games Store has recently been a focus point between Epic Games and Google during a new court battle regarding app fees, which began last week. During this court battle, there have already been different records that have been revealed, which have led to a few secrets being revealed on both ends.


One major piece of information that has been revealed during this Epic vs. Google battle is the fact that the Epic Games Store is still underperforming and not making any money. This information has shocked the gaming community, especially since Epic announced two years ago that it had hoped to begin making profits by 2023.

What Is the Epic Games Store?

Epic Games Store is not turning a profit
According to a recent report, the EGS is not turning a profit.

For those who do not know, the Epic Games Store is an online gaming store that has been created by Epic, which is the company behind Fortnite and Unreal Engine. The Epic Games Store was created by Epic in an attempt to battle Valve and its gaming store, Steam.


The Epic Games Store has only been active since 2018 and has had a rather fluctuating response from gamers. The reasoning behind this is that the Epic Games Store released a large quantity of free games on its platform while also offering publishers and developers a larger profit margin for games sold on the platform.

Over the years, the platform has gained a larger following from gamers as new features, new exclusive games, and better deals have slowly been added to the store. Sadly, this hasn’t helped the Epic Games Store, as even now the site is still struggling to generate a large profit margin.

During the current court battle, it has been announced that even though the Epic Games Store is still struggling to make a profit, Epic is still focusing on expanding the store and creating a better experience for the gaming community.


This isn’t the first time that the Epic Games Store has come across issues with another company regarding in-app fees, as there was also a court battle back in 2021, which was fought for the same reasons that Epic is battling Google over now.

Why Has This News Come as a Shock to the Gaming Community?

Epic Games Store not turning a profit
EGS lost over $300 million back in 2021 and still hasn’t recovered.

Back in 2018, Epic began the Epic Games Store and has slowly been making an impact within the gaming community, but even with its free games and exclusive options, even though they were temporary, they did not create the impact it so dearly required.

Back in 2021, it was announced during another court battle, this time between Epic and Apple, that it was taking place for the same reasons that this current court battle is taking place, regarding app fees.


What confused many gamers back in 2021 was the fact that Epic lost over $300 million during this court battle between itself and Apple, but ensured gamers that this was all part of a bigger plan and would eventually lead to the Epic Games Store, eventually making profits in the years to come.

Now that we have reached 2023, it has been announced that these profits have not been met and could potentially never be met. However, Epic is still pushing forward with the Epic Games Store but will most likely encounter even more issues down the line, as Steam is still going strong and will stay that way for many years.

So far, Epic is still one of the major companies within the gaming industry and is still working towards creating a major gaming platform for gamers to enjoy, but for now, this plan seems to be at a standstill, and if things keep going as they are, it could go backwards.


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