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Episodes of I Am Groot Ranked


[Spoiler Warning]

Now, we can finally see for ourselves the first five episodes of Disney+‘s latest Marvel show I Am Groot. Here are the first five episodes of I Am Groot ranked.

You’ll get about half an hour’s worth of content between the five episodes, and the debate still rages on as to whether or not they’re canon to the MCU, but all I know is that they’re fun, easy to watch and who doesn’t want more Baby Groot?

5. Groot’s Pursuit

I am Groot
Groot’s pursuit

If we were ever to get a Groot-centric horror film, this is the closest we’ll get. A tired and grumpy Groot is awoken in the middle of the night by an unknown alien species. Chasing it down, it finally announces itself to Groot, before an odd, yet hilarious dance-off involving Groot and the alien, taking Groot’s form before our grumpy Groot gets the last “I am Groot” in.

4. Groot Takes a Bath

episodes of I Am Groot ranked
Groot Takes a Bath

Groot gets some well-deserved downtime in a spa/hot spring of his own creation. Falling asleep he wakes to find he’s undergone massive plant growth and then spends the next few minutes cutting and shaping the growths into various shapes, including a horse, dolphin, and a poodle. A run-in with an odd-looking animal thing later, and Groot strides back to his ship with a specular new scarf and a new sense of self.

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3. Groot’s First Steps

Groot's First Steps
Groot’s First Steps

Bridging the gap between the immobile Baby Groot at the end of the first Guardians film, and the walking toddler of the second, Groot’s First Steps is, like the other shorts, an adorable insight into what Groot gets up to when left alone. Eating cheeseballs, preening himself, and outright developing a vendetta against a bonsai tree, it’s simple, yet fun.

2. The Little Guy

episodes of I Am Groot Ranked
The Little Guy

Who knew Groot had a talent for building? And who thought Groot could become a malevolent God to an entirely new species in the MCU? And then promptly and accidentally wipe them out? If you’ve seen the episode of Futurama where Bender becomes a God, you’ve seen this, except this has less dialogue, and fast-forwards from the helpful God to the accidentally murderous God in a few seconds.

1. Magnum Opus

I am Groot
Magnum Opus

Number one on the list of the first five episodes of I Am Groot ranked, Groot takes it upon himself to create a family portrait of himself and the Guardians. Chaos ensues. In the only episode with one of the Guardians in, Rocket finds Groot having destroyed a room in the ship, remarking about it being both wet and on fire, as well as commenting on all the stuff Groot has stolen to make his newest artwork. Rocket doesn’t look very polished visually, but with barely any screen time, it’s not surprising.

That’s the first five episodes of I Am Groot ranked, but what order would you have put them in? Anything I missed?

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Written by Luke Addison

Luke Addison is a writer for Fandomwire. He's an avid consumer of all things movie, TV, comics and gaming, especially Marvel.

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