‘Eras Tour’ Concert Film Box Office Collection: Taylor Swift Shatters Justin Bieber’s $99 Million Record That Was Unbeaten For Over a Decade

Taylor Swift, after selling off stadiums for her concerts at the Eras Tour, has now taken over the box-office with the The Eras Tour movie

'Eras Tour' Concert Film Box Office Collection: Taylor Swift Shatters Justin Bieber's $99 Million Record That Was Unbeaten For Over a Decade'Eras Tour' Concert Film Box Office Collection: Taylor Swift Shatters Justin Bieber's $99 Million Record That Was Unbeaten For Over a Decade


  • The Eras Tour of Taylor Swift had already sold out multiple stadiums where the singer performed
  • The artist then announced the release of an Eras Tour movie, that would document the whole tour so far
  • The movie has already broken records with just its pre-sale, it is estimated make more with its release
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Taylor Swift is a renowned pop sensation who has established herself in pop culture with her musical career. The singer recently proved her supremacy by releasing her latest concert film, Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour.


The film broke all the previous records by earning a whopping amount before its release in pre-sales tickets. Around a decade ago, popular singer Justin Bieber also released his concert film that earned $99 million at the box office. However, it has been left behind by Swift’s latest film.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s latest concert film breaks all records 

Renowned singer Taylor Swift is not only known for her numerous hits but she is also an impeccable performer who leaves a lasting impact on her audience with her every concert. Recently, Swift released a concert film, documenting her Eras Tour.


The film is set to release on October 13, 2023, and according to Marca, the earnings of the movie are estimated to be approximately $150 million- $175 million.

Taylor Swift during a performance in her Eras tour
Taylor Swift in her Eras tour

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Interestingly, the film has already earned a whopping amount of $100 million in global pre-sales, becoming the most profitable concert film in history.


Moreover, the film has also surpassed the earnings of Justin Beiber’s 2011 concert film, Never Say Never, which earned $99 million.

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The buzz of Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour 

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

Considering the huge fanbase of Taylor Swift, the demand for her film tickets is increasingly high. So it is no surprise that the film has been garnering a lot of attention.


Recently, Swift tweeted about the shift in the opening date of her film and stated,

“Due to unprecedented demand we’re opening up early access showings of The Eras Tour Concert Film on Thursday in America and Canada. We’re also adding additional showtimes on Friday and throughout the weekend.”

Her fans flooded the comment section, expressing their excitement for the upcoming film. Check out the tweets below.


Looking at the film’s buzz among the fans, it can be said that, Swift is all to make a blast with her upcoming film.


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