Eren Jaeger May Have Never Been Attack on Titan’s True Protagonist

The main character of the story may have been Mikasa Ackerman instead of Eren Jaeger

Eren Jaeger May Have Never Been Attack on Titan’s True Protagonist


  • The main character of Attack on Titan may not have been Eren Jaeger.
  • The story always revolved around Mikasa Ackerman.
  • Some people believe that she was the main protagonist of the story, not Eren.
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Attack on Titan is one of the most significant pieces of fiction ever produced and has a fanbase consisting of millions worldwide. The story is based on Eren Jeager’s desire for freedom while at the same time being a slave to his fate. However, looking deeply at the story, maybe Eren was never the center of this tale.

Eren Jaeger's Titan Form in Attack on Titan
Eren Jaeger’s Titan Form in Attack on Titan

Eren Jeager may be the story’s main protagonist; however, if we look closely, the story is about Eren from Mikasa’s point of view, narrated by Armin. If you look closely, the story always revolves around Mikasa, and her choices even decide the ending of the series.

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The center of Attack on Titan was not Eren but Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa is one of the most prominent characters in the series, although many fans and viewers failed to understand her true essence in the story, terming her Eren-obsessed.

Many even claim that she did not get any development throughout the story, which is also highly wrong. If we look closely, Eren’s choices always revolved around Mikasa and his friends.

Mikasa Ackerman - Attack on Titans
Mikasa Ackerman

All Eren wanted was to save Mikasa and give her a long and happy life. When Eren first killed people, it was because he wanted to save Mikasa from getting sold. In S4, when Eren asks Mikasa what he is to her, she replies family, which is the moment when the world’s fate is sealed.


If she had replied with her true feelings, Eren would have avoided the rumbling, as we saw in Season 4 Part 3, where Eren and Mikasa ran away and spent Eren’s remaining years together, far from civilization, avoiding the rumbling.

Eren’s decision from the start of the series has been based on Mikasa’s choices. Therefore, it makes sense that Attack on Titan’s main character may have been Mikasa all along.

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Mikasa’s life after Eren’s Demise in Attack on Titan

Mikasa’s life after Eren’s demise is a question that many fans and viewers have asked as she is spotted with a man in the post-credit scenes.

Many claim it to be her husband, and many claim it to be Armin; both answers are correct, as they are left for open interpretation.

We can only know who the man was if Isiyama, other voice actors, or someone from Mappa confirms it.

mikasa ackerman at the end of attack on titan
Mikasa Ackerman At The End Of Attack on Titan

However, considering Mikasa’s personality throughout the series and her devotion to Eren, she is less likely to marry someone else.

Mikasa inscribes the words on the Eren tombstone, which say, My most beloved, my dear. In the manga and anime, we also see her putting four roses on his grave, which depicts that nobody can come between us.

We also see her death bed with reincarnation flowers, which represent loyalty in many cultures, and therefore, it is possible that she passed away without ending up with anyone.


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