“We cannot give PVE to everyone”: Escape From Tarkovs’s Devs Have the Worst Justification for their Ridiculous Unheard Edition 

This is not the way to treat your community.

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  • The Unheard Edition of Escape from Tarkov keeps making the community angry with the developers; the situation is escalating quickly.
  • The studio responsible has talked about this in a new, unpublished interview, saying that some players do not have what it takes for the PvE.
  • This very expensive bundle is making fans drop the game for good with an unfair PvE mode that makes no sense, and the NPCs just won't die.
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Escape from Tarkov and its most recent bundle, The Unheard Edition, are still in the middle of a controversial feud between the studio and the fans, with the latest saying that this content makes no sense, and the price is just outrageous. 


In a Reddit discussion, new details from an unpublished interview reveal that the game’s developers don’t care about the players and provide unfavorable responses, suggesting that the new PvE mode may not be suitable for all players. Several clips have shown how this mode is literally unfair to any player.

The Escape from Tarkov Controversy Continues to Enrage Fans

Escape from Tarkov fans are angry, the game can lose of its players.
Escape from Tarkov fans are angry; the game can lose its players.

Few independent games can manage to make fans make a direct purchase outside popular platforms like Steam or Epic. Battlestate Games has accomplished this with its realistic FPS Escape from Tarkov, which some hardcore fans of the genre really love, especially with the weapon customization. This title instills a strong sense of health and safety in players, as any death results in the loss of all progress.


Many streamers find great enjoyment in this game, as it offers an amazing sense of survival that truly makes them appreciate the items they have gathered. The idea is to get pretty good loot so that you can later improve in the game with new skills and gear. This IP is looking to expand the main game into a more dynamic experience, so the studio released a new edition that includes exclusive access to a PvE mode, but the price is too high, and the result is not good.

The Unheard Edition Could Mean the End of this Game

The Unheard Edition could mean the end of this title.
The Unheard Edition could mean the end of this title.

A Reddit post in the game’s official subreddit reveals that a recent interview regarding The Unheard Edition’s issues remains unresolved.

Below is one of the many responses to the interview.


byu/Sweaty_Research_2820 from discussion

This refers to the PvE mode, which has broken NPCs that can’t die. The team behind the game has said that at the moment they can’t offer the PvE to everyone because it is technically expensive, but the ones who support the game by buying this bundle can still play it.

This approach to community support is not appropriate; if players extensively demonstrate the broken nature of the mode, the studio should improve its communication of the content and clarify the issues at hand. The studio has stated that despite the game’s negative reception, they will continue to work hard and continuously update the mode. Therefore, fans of Escape from Tarkov should keep waiting for something to happen.


The bundle includes access to the PvE mode, a copy of the game, more equipment, more weapons, most space to store things, and access to all the future DLCs that the game will launch. This bundle costs $250, and many game fans who purchased this version expressed frustration with the PvE features, mocking any player who chooses to purchase it due to its absurd price and poor performance. Many streamers and users recommend not buying this.

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