Eternals: 10 Facts About The Evil Deviants Only Diehard Fans Know

While we are eagerly waiting for the Eternals to hit the screens, we couldn’t help but imagine how the Deviants will be. For ages, the Deviants were the constant antagonists of the Eternals. Although the comic book fans need no introduction about the Deviants, we would like to mention a few things only diehard fans know of the Deviants.

Deviants Worship The Dreaming Celestial: Even though they discontinued worshipping Celestials after a while, they still worship the Dreaming Celestial. It is because they believe that it was the one that created them and was abandoned by the remaining Celestials for the same reason.

Deviants Worship The Dreaming Celestial
The Dreaming Celestial

Deviants Used To Rule The Earth For Some Time: Although they were confined to caves, they used to have immense power during their period on Earth. However, they evolved quickly due to mutations.

Deviants Used To Rule The Earth For Some Time
The Deviants

Origin Of The Deviants And The Eternals: You would be astounded to know that the Deviants were a product of an experiment by the Celestials. Regardless, the experiment turned out to be a faulty one that resulted in these mutated Deviants. That is the reason why the Celestials drove them off to the caves.

Origin Of The Deviants
Origin Of The Deviants

Deviants Are The Ones Behind Several Human Myths: As the celestials abandoned them, they used to live in caves. However, they mutated quickly and became too deformed over time. Whenever humans encountered these deviants by chance, they exaggerated their experiences until they became myths.

Deviants Are The Ones Behind Several Human Myths
The Ones Behind Several Human Myths

The Abilities Of The Deviants Are Comparable To The Eternals: All the Eternals have powers, but unlike them, not all the Deviants have superpowers. However, a few of them have extraordinary powers such as fast healing, the ability to breathe fire, hypnotism, reforming shapes, unusually long life spans, and even immortality.

Deviants in The Eternals
Deviants in The Eternals

Damocles Foundation Of The Eternals: The foundation is an organization consisting of Eternals, Deviants, and humans. The Eternals created it to work towards peace as they were fed up with the wars between the races. However, this organization proved to be useless when they failed to create Super soldiers.


The Relation With The Skrulls: Skrulls are aliens from the planet Skrullos. They were created in the same way as the Deviants were when the Celestials performed experiments. But there, the Deviants (Skrulls) destroyed all the Eternals and dominated their world.

The Skrulls
The Skrulls

The General In The Eternals: Kro is the warlord and also the general of the Deviants. But his relationship with the Eternals is still ambiguous.

Kro, in the Eternals
Kro, in the movie

The Delta Network: The Delta Network, a team of Deviants, is the brainchild of Kro. The motto of this team is to mingle with the humans and to co-exist peacefully. So, they team up with the Eternals occasionally.

Kro, the strongest deviant in the movie eternals
The strongest deviant

Truce With The Eternals – We all know that both are adversaries. But there was a time when both became allies. It happened when the third host of the celestials left the Earth. Both the groups stopped fighting and maintained peace till the fourth host arrived.


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