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Eternals: Dane Whitman’s Secret (& Bloody) Family History, Explained

Eternals Dane Whitmans Secret Bloody Family History Explained

With Eternals coming out in theatres, people cannot stop the filmmaking, characters, and, of course, the cast. The cast was already stunning enough to attract viewers’ attention, and now that the movie is here, fans want to know more about the characters. One such intriguing character is Dane Whitman. The character is played by the dashing actor we all know from Game of Thrones as Jon SnowKit Harington. Dane Whitman, aka Black Knight, is the love interest for Sersi, played by Gemma Chan. He lives in London and is Sersi’s co-worker, working as a curator of artifacts at the London Museum of Natural History. The post-credit scenes of the movie brought even more questions to our minds, especially about Dane Whitman’ss mysterious family. So let us try to find answers to some of them by looking at his family history.

Dane Whitman, aka The Black Knight, wields the Ebony Blade, which is crafted by the Arthurian wizard Merlin. The sword gave dark powers in Marvel comics and created a bloodlust within the wielder, and Black Knight couldn’t always control the rage. He was also a part of the Avengers in the comic books and even led the team for a brief period.

Black Knight Whitman was a part of Avengers in the comics
Whitman was a part of Avengers in the comics

Dane and Sersi had a similar relationship in the comic books as they did in the MCU movie. In fact, in the comic books, he became her “Gann Josin,” meaning a life-mate, and supported Sersi through difficult times. In addition, he has fought in the Phoenix tournament and against the King in Black.

Eternals: Kit Harington on Dane Whitman/Black Knight Future
Dane and Sersi

Family History: Just like the movie left us with the mystery of Dane Whitman’s family, the pages of the comic books too carry the suspense and the secret of the mysterious Black Knight. At the end of the MCU movie, we saw Kit Harington’s character discover something new about his family, and the questions we had after watching it were too many.

Eternals Kit Harington Character: Who is Dane Whitman? - GameRevolution
Whitman discovers his family’s secret

Dane attempts to share the secret with Sersi at the end before the Prime Celestial Arishem takes her. Dane Whitman is a descendant of King Arthur and was believed by many that he’s the third Black Knight. The first one is Sir Percy of Scandia, and the second one, Dane’s uncle, Nathan Garrett. Garrett uses the powers of the Ebony Blade for evil and many of the users of Sir Percy’s bloodline.

Black Knight Nathan Garrett
Nathan Garrett as Black Knight

We saw in the end that Kit Harington’s Dane Whitman opened a box with his family crest on it. The Ebony Blade’s dark powers are already attracting Dane towards it. But Mahershala Ali’s voice makes him second guess whether he’s ready to wield the powerful weapon. It is, however, clear that he’s the next successor to inherit the blade and its powers.

Black Knight Kit Harington
Kit Harington as Black Knight

Now we know by now that the blade’s wielder loses control over his rage as the blade’s curse takes over. This also explains why the box has “death will be his reward” written on it. So we have to wait and wonder whether Dane Whitman also meets the same fate as his ancestors or will he break the curse? Let us know what you think about this.

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