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Eternals Final Trailer Breakdown: Understand These 25 Things Before You Watch The Movie

Eternals could easily be Marvel’s next big group superhero film. Eternals final trailer that arrived this week has given us a much better idea of the film’s plot and how it fits into the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. Phase 4 of MCU is packed with some of the most iconic big-screen releases. Eternals is equally significant because it represents the work of Jack Kirby in its purest form.

Directed by the Oscar-winning artist Chloe Zhao, Eternals is about a group of immortals who have been on Earth for 35,000 years. From Richard Madden to Angelina Jolie, the cast is unbelievably good. Take a look at our detailed trailer breakdown of Eternals and dig in a little deeper into Marvel’s upcoming blockbuster:

1. The Cottage On The Prairie

The Eternals final trailer opens with Salma Hayek’s character Ajak riding a horse across an open field. She arrives at a cottage to meet Ikaris which is played by Richard Madden. She deduces an incoming threat to the world and intends to unite her people against it.

2. The Emergence Is Beginning

So what exactly is the threat that is uniting the Eternals after centuries?  Apparently, all of the life that Thanos snapped out of existence was abruptly brought back which caused an energy surge. The large return of the universe’s population was enough to bring about something Ajak refers to as “the emergence.”

3. The Apocalypse

To demonstrate how bad this ’emergence’ would be, the trailer has a snippet of what seems to be a catastrophic earthquake. However, is unclear if these events are taking place in the present-day timeline or are clips from the past.

4. Seven Days

Ajak warns Ikaris that they’re left with a span of mere seven days to gather their members and fight off whatever threat the Emergence presents.

5. Communing With The Celestials

The trailer features a clip that seems to be taking place aboard the Eternals’ triangular black spacecraft. The Eternals are seen communing around a statue of a Celestial which seems like an attempt to communicate with their Celestial creators.

6. The arrival of Eternals

We get a visual of what could be the Eternals entering Earth’s solar system for the very first time in their black triangular spaceship as they fly by our sun. There’s also a possibility that this fly-by could be happening elsewhere in space.

7. Eternals Assemble

Another notable scene is the line up atop a hill of several group members, which is received with astonishment from the locals of a nearby village. This implies that the Eternals haven’t ever been seen this way together since time is known.

8. Welcome Deviants

A snippet follows that shows us the first glimpse of the Deviants who are another Celestial creation. Deviants however have different mutations – some with wings, some fangs, some tails, etc.

9. Powers Of Ikaris

To kill one of the Deviants emerging from the sea, Ikaris levitates in the sky and shoots a beam of light from his eyes. The visual immediately reminds us of Superman who possesses similar powers.

10. The Negligence

Kit Harington’s Dane Whitman who is otherwise known as Black Knight seeks answers from Sersi about why her race of all-powerful aliens never tried to help the Avengers fight the Mad Titan or prevent the many wars throughout human history.

11. The Dilemma

The question posed by Black Knight is followed by visuals of a helpless member of the group who is watching the war unfold in front of his eyes. This represents how hard it has been for the Eternals throughout history to honor their oath and not protect mankind in need.

12. The Celestial

Sersi explains to Black Knight that the Eternals are forbidden from interfering in human history by their creators, the Celestials. We then get the first visual of who appears to be Arishem the Judge – the red-colored leader of the Celestials.

13. Hunt For The Others

For what’s coming, the Eternals need to come together after years of separation and put aside all their personal differences. The snippet where Ikaris is seen urging the reunion of his fellow aliens is likely being addressed to Sersi.

14. Thena

One of the strongest of the group, we meet Thena who is played by the ever-gorgeous Angelina Jolie. Thena has the ability to construct energy weapons. However, her reaction to the family reunion wasn’t very well. She is seen creating an energy spear and attacking Gilgamesh.

15. Front Row Seats

Sprite comments that the Eternals have booked themselves a front-row seat to the end of the world. The remark is suggestive of the character’s sparkling wit. The scene is followed by visuals of the Eternals assembling in a dessert where Sprite is seen rocking Sunglasses.

16. Druig and Makkari

The world might be nearing its end but gags always find a way into Marvel’s script. Brian Tyree Henry’s Phastos probably addresses Druig and Makkari and tells them that sarcasm has “never saved the world.” The duo is likely to bring some salt to the film.

17. Sprite’s Illusions

Sprite is seen casting an illusory firework display for the assembled masses in what seems to be a visual set in the past.

18. Sprite & Sersi’s Powers

We see a snippet of Dane Whitman attempting to protect London’s Camden Lock from an attack. However, if you pause and see, you can spot comprised numerous Sersi and Sprite clones among the crowd. This suggests that Sprite’s powers of illusion are at play. Sersi who has the power to manipulate matter explodes the oncoming bus into a hail of petals.

19. Volcano Eruption

Whatever this ’emergence’ is, it’s definitely making earth into a living hell. The visuals of the volcanic eruptions could possibly be from the past but from what we decipher, the Deviants seem to have control over natural disasters.

20. Green Celestial

We get a glimpse of another celestial who appears to be green in color. If we go by their appearance in the comics, this is probably Jemiah the Analyzer. However, it is unclear what role this celestial could be playing

21. Makkari’s Speed

In a blink-it-and-you-miss-it moment, you can spot Lauren Ridloff’s Makkari making a run with her super-speed to cover huge distances in a heartbeat. The VFX no doubt was pretty spot on.

22. Ikaris Loses Control

We go back to the same visual that the trailer opened with. However, this time we see Ikaris losing control of his power and beaming out a ray of laser from his eyes. Out of the two possibilities that we see, Ikaris is either upset to know about the ’emergence’ or the emergence is making the Eternals weak.

23. Is that Kro?

We’re met with who could possibly be the next big villain in the MCU. In the comics, Kro is the evil leader of Deviants who has a more humanoid appearance than his fellow Deviants. He also shares an arc of romance with Thena which’s probably why in one of the visuals we see him targeting her.

24. Deviants Vs. Ikaris

Towards the end of the Eternals final trailer, we get a glimpse of some marvelous fight scenes between Ikaris and the Deviants. With some breathtaking VFX, Eternals seems to be bringing in some of the best action sequences yet.

25. Ikaris Vs. Ikea

The plot of the film might be apocalyptic but nothing stops Marvel from filling the script with its usual gags. The Eternals final trailer features a parting joke at the last few seconds where Ikaris smashes up Phastos’ table after mistaking it for vibranium.

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Eternals is scheduled to hit theaters on November 5, 2021




Written by Muneer

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