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Eternals Members Even the MCU Won’t Dare Show In The Movie

Eternals Members Even the MCU Wont Dare Show In The Movie

The Marvel Cinematic Universe welcomes an exciting new team of superheroes with the release of Eternals. Marvel Studio’s Eternals depicts an epic story spanning thousands of years, featuring a group of immortal heroes. Academy Award winner, Chloe Zhao, has introduced an outstanding cast that includes Richard Madden as Ikaris, Salma Hayek as the spiritual leader Ajak, Angelina Jolie as the fierce fighter Thena, and many others. These Eternals members were created and forced out of the shadows to reunite against mankind’s one of the oldest enemy, the Deviants.

Besides, Eternals has a large cast that comprises ten new heroes making their big-screen debut. Despite a big cast, Eternals only depicts a fraction of them who has appeared in the Marvel Universe. The comic has one hundred Eternals members with their tales to tell. Therefore, here are all these cool new characters of Eternals, even the MCU won’t dare to show in the movie.

Thane is Thanos’s son, who’s apparently the last surviving biological child of the Mad Titan. During the 2013’s Infinity miniseries, Black Bolt disclosed Thane’s existence and a Terrigen Bomb that woke his powers. After all, Thane is a shareholder of his father’s proneness for violence. With the help of all the unique powers, Thane could have been the ruler of the galaxy, but instead, he was denounced to an interdimensional abyss that is known as God Quarry.


Sui-San is probably one of the most tragic characters in the tale of the Eternals. Her tragic destiny was to be the destroyer of half of all life in the whole universe. However, when the destructive Civil War took place, Sui-San was the only Eternal who survived.


Valkin is one of the most sophisticated Eternals who used to live in the wintry town of Polaria. Moreover, Valkin has an important connection to the major Eternals cast. However, he adopted his nephew Ikaris after Ikaris lost his father. In Avengers (1984), Valkin was part of the Uni-Mind when the judgment of the Celestials and the death of Zuras.


Cybele is one of three Gaian Sisters who used to serve as an advisor for the Eternals. Further, Cybele is Thena’s mother and Zuras’ wife. Despite her vicinity to power, Cybele does not want to rule the Eternals. One of her characteristics depicts that she usually prefers to avoid conflict and matters of state.


Despite the lost history of Betilakk the Interloper’s past, he has been one of the Eternals who fought the first of many battles against the evil commodity called the Dragon of the Moon. Besides, his presence on Titan implies that he had followed Uranos into exile or that he previously allied with them.

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Uranos, who’s the cause of the first Eternal civil war, is a mad man and a dictator. While the establishment of the ancient Eternals city of Titanos in the polar region, Uranos had been a part of it. Uranos discovered a Kree supply outpost during the exile period.


Vampiro is one of the most strong Eternals who isn’t actually a vampire. He and his wife, Maria, have lived with the humans in Los Angeles. Later, Vampiro became one of the Eternals reawakened and brainwashed by Druig.

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That was all about the Eternals and their supreme powers. Comment below to share your thoughts on this topic.

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